The fateful day for Bryan Stowe happened on March 31, 2011. He had been enjoying a baseball game and was exiting the stadium, wearing his Giants jersey. That’s when he was attacked from behind by Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood. Sanchez and Norwood repeatedly beat Stowe causing a traumatic brain injury which resulted in a surgical procedure in which his skull had to be removed by surgeons. Today, Bryan only has a recreated memory of the attack but still suffers from the physical damage.

 Although he won a $14 million lawsuit against the Dodgers in July, his attorney also sued them again recently hoping to recoup $3.4 million in insurance payments. As we have often said, dealing with a traumatic brain injury is an ongoing process.

According to the article, though Stowe has made incredible progress. Just nine months after the attack, he found it difficult to smile and carry-on a simple conversation. It was a hardship for him to simply raise his arms and hands. Today, he is able to use a walker and move without assistance. Even though he is making remarkable progress, he is living with his parents as he continues rehabilitation.

What happened to his attackers? Louie Sanchez was sentenced to eight years in prison and Marvin Norwood was sentenced to four years. In our opinion, were not sure that is enough for two people who altered the entire life of a father of two and paramedic because they did not like the sports jersey that he was wearing.  You can read more about Stowe’s progress and the case here.

This sad story highlights once again how a traumatic brain injury changes the lives of both the victim and their loved ones. That’s why we have dedicated a good part of our practice to not only getting victims of traumatic brain injury the legal relief that they need but also the physical and rehabilitative assistance necessary throughout the process.

It is also clear to us that laws need to be changed and punishment should be more severe for cases such as these; when a traumatic brain injury was due to a senseless act. For our part, we will go on continuing to be advocates for those who suffer a TBI. If you’d like more information on our firm, you can visit our homepage here or call our offices for more information at 844-847-8300.