Operation Turkeys Take Flight


An Airlift Partnership to Feed those in Need on Thanksgiving Day


Fort Lauderdale, FL, Tuesday, November 25, 2014 – Turkeys are taking flight this holiday season to reach some of the state’s most rural and needy areas.   A collaboration among several South Florida civic-minded businesses including:  Flightline Drug Testing, and The Russo Firm will ensure that nearly 300 Thanksgiving turkeys are delivered via aircraft to Imokalee, Florida, where they will then be distributed to needy families by the Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA).

 Tom Powers of Flightline Drug Testing and Robert Taylor of The Russo Firm have partnered to arrange logistics for the transport of these turkeys to one of Florida’s most impoverished areas. The turkeys will be flown in a Florida Air Cargo WWII vintage DC-3 aircraft from Opa Locka airport to Immokalee to help feed and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday for migrant workers and their families.

The Thanksgiving meal recipients will be coordinated through the Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA).  The RCMA has 71 centers in 21 Florida counties, dedicated to serving the rural poor and the children of immigrants through a range of programs.  Many of the migrant children and families will be in Immokalee to help with the off loading of the turkeys and will receive special T-shirts and goggles for the event. The children will have an opportunity to be photographed with the vintage aircraft.

Several corporate partners have volunteered to help with the mission.  Flightline Drug Testing, a national company on a mission to provide you with the administration and resources necessary to be a drug free workplace, along with The Russo Firm, a personal injury law firm based out of Florida and Florida Air Cargo, have made monetary contributions to the mission to help absorb the logistical cost of organizing this mission.

Staging of the meals and the initial flights will be at 0800 out of Opa-Locka Airport at the Landmark FBO.  Pilots and volunteers alike will rally early in the morning to get all of the turkeys organized and ready for take-off at approximately 0900.  Volunteer pilot, Sergio Alen of Florida Air Cargo will take off approximately 0930 to ensure that RCMA will have all the meals delivered to families before the end of the day Wednesday and in time for Thanksgiving.

 The Operation can accommodate a television reporter and camera man in a “chase” plane to fly alongside the DC-3 and capture inflight pictures. Also, the complete story would be covered in Immokalee as over 40 migrant children will meet the plane and help unload it with special T-shirts and goggles to mark the occasion.

 “Operation: Turkeys Take flight is way in which we can reach many people in need and provide them with a warm meal this holiday.  We hope that this mission is one that will grow year after year. Thanksgiving is about gratitude – and we are grateful for our ability to help others”, said Tom Powers, President of Flightline Drug Testing.



RCMA opens doors to opportunities through quality child care and education from crib to high school and beyond.
The RCMA’s goals are: To provide quality child care; To provide children and their families with support services; To provide educational opportunities and improve the health and general welfare of children and their families; To involve parents in the educational process and in public policy decisions affecting their children and families; To increase public awareness of the lifestyle of migrant and seasonal farm workers and the rural poor; To provide opportunities and encourage the professional development of staff hired from the communities served; all with their key values of: Quality ;Opportunity; Respect; and Compassion.



Flightline Drug testing is a national company on a mission to provide you with the administration and resources necessary to be a drug free workplace



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