This may sound like a strange title for a law firm blog post but it is imperative, particularly in our concentration areas of Catastrophic, Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injuries. The victims and their loved ones need more than just someone who knows the law – they need a firm who cares enough to help them walk through every aspect of their case.  Now after so many years of helping our clients through the legal mazes which they faced, we’ve learned a thing or two about caring for our clients. Here are a few things to look for to ensure that your law firm and/or attorney really cares.

1.      They stay in contact and you don’t have to chase them. This one is perhaps the biggest thing that sets a caring law firm apart from one that seems distant – they stay in contact with you. We have heard more than a few “nightmare stories” in which clients have to constantly follow up with the attorney to determine the status of their case. That shouldn’t be. Lawyers should be in regular communication with each client, even if it is just an email to let them know what kind of progress is being made.  Communication is the key to caring.

2.      They have a string of satisfied clients. This is fairly easy to determine – just don’t look at the testimonials on their website! Use third party validation via the internet. Don’t just take what they say about themselves at face value, what are others saying? Social media sites are good for this kind of feedback. Negative comments will often show up in various search engines. Make sure the good comments and their good work far outweighs the criticism but remember that no matter how good they may be there will always be a few critics.

3.      They are Board Certified. The difference between a Board Certified attorney and one that isn’t is significant.  A Board Certified Attorney has met The Florida Bar’s highest standards for special knowledge, skills and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in the practice of law.  Certified lawyers experience and competency have been rigorously evaluated, and they are the only Florida lawyers allowed to refer to themselves as specialist or experts. How is this indicative of their level of care? Simply put, they have taken the time to do additional work in their chosen specialty and gone above and beyond to ensure that they are giving the very BEST advice to their clients.

4.      They are involved in the community. If they care about their communities this is a good litmus test to determine that they will care about you. Find out what they do outside of work. Are they members of service clubs? Do they sponsor or participate in community events? Do they serve on any boards of charitable or community organizations? 

If you find that your law firm or attorney’s meet the above guidelines there is one more step. Listen to your head and heart. Most people have a built in “Bull” detector that will often give them that uneasy feeling. If that happens, either continue to ask questions until you get satisfactory answers or politely leave and look for other representation. Your case is too important for your lawyer not to care.

Meanwhile if you would like for us to review your case or talk further with you, we can be reached at 844-847-8300.