Advertisements for PI (Personal Injury) attorney’s flood the television and radio and greet us on seemingly every street corner on a bus bench or billboard. There’s no doubt that personal injury is big business. But what do you REALLY do if you have been injured?

First, get immediate medical attention. We can’t stress this enough. Far too many people are in what they consider a minor “fender bender” and decline medical treatment. Then a few days later an injury that is related to the accident manifests itself. It’s always better to get checked out by medical professionals in case you are injured. The quicker you can start treatment, the better.

Second, document everything! Make sure you have the who, what, when, where, why and how, written down in one place. Pictures are always helpful – and in this technology era, very simple with your phone.  Should you have the need for an attorney later, this could be very important to your potential case.

Third, be careful who you talk to and what you say. Often times when a legitimate injury has occurred, the insurance companies will look for any way not to pay a settlement. It’s important to ensure that you don’t say anything that could be taken out of context. We would also encourage you not to talk AT ALL about the accident on social media sites and don’t text about it either. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to not put anything out there electronically that you wouldn’t want written on a billboard. You would be surprised how closely these outlets are monitored and they are more public than you think.

Fourth, hire a lawyer you can trust. The best method is a referral. There are many attorneys who spend a lot of money getting their law firms to the top of google or getting their faces on those bus benches and billboards we talked about earlier. Remember that reputation is more important than website ranking and real testimonials from a satisfied client are worth far more than a hired actor playing a part and delivering lines. Once you have a good referral, set an appointment to talk with the attorney personally. Feel them out to see if they are a fit. Make sure you triple check their credentials and see what others are saying about them. Once you hire the right attorney, trust them throughout the process.

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