Twenty-three-year-old Aimie King was driving down the road with her two children and one that was on the way. She was 15 weeks into her new pregnancy when the accident happened. Aimie was thrown from the car as it rolled but her two children that were strapped in the backseat were unharmed. Aimie wasn’t quite so lucky.

When the paramedics arrived they discovered Aimie’s injuries were critical and that she had sustained what they called “massive head trauma.” By the time she reached the hospital the attending physician thought her chances of survival were “…very, very poor.”  20 different departments in the hospital worked together to stabilize Mom and her unborn child. Four months after the crash, this past April, Aimee’s third child Aiden was born at 33 weeks while she was still virtually comatose.

Today, Aimie King is in a rehabilitation facility and her parents are currently raising the three children. While Aimie is considered to be in a vegetative state, her mother reports that when Aiden visits, “She looks at him. She moves her arms in his direction.” You can read the full story of this incredible account here.

When we first read this story we knew it sounded like a near miracle and we hope for that also in the life of the mother. It was also a grim reminder of why we do what we do once again.

A Traumatic Brain Injury can change the course of one’s life in a mere instant as in the case of Aimie King. One minute you can be driving down the road and the next moment laying in a coma in a hospital bed with a family praying for a miracle.

When a TBI occurs there are a lot of important steps that one should take. The first is of course to get top notch medical care immediately. Next, get the best legal help you can as quickly as possible. The right law firm will be able to walk you through all the necessary steps including case management, rehabilitation, etc. Often, TBI’s mean a long recovery process and massive medical care costs. It is important to have the right partner who knows the process and can get you the help that you need.

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