Sgt. Jordan Adams has been in a comatose state since suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2013. The TBI did not happen while he was deployed but rather while he was on leave. Unfortunately,  Adam’s TBI was due to a head injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for a large percentage of traumatic brain injuries in the US.

But for Sgt. Adams and his family there is a ray of hope.

Enter Dr.Theresa Pape. Dr. Pape contacted the soldier's family about a new procedure that could possibly aid in Adams recovery. According to reports, it involves simulating different parts of the patient’s brain with magnetic pulses coupled with certain pharmaceuticals. The goal is for the treatment to create new neuron pathways in his brain which, Pape hopes,  could help him regain consciousness.

That's not the whole story. Once others heard about the possibility of helping Sgt. Adams they became involved in the process too. For instance an organization called VitalOne donated all of the medical personnel that were needed to assist Dr. Pape while a wealthy Chicago businessman provided a private jet in order transport him to where the procedure would occur.

We will keep you posted on this incredible story. For now one family is clinging to hope that help is on the way. Will the procedure work? Only time will tell, but in our opinion, it is a step in the right direction.

For our part, we will continue to advocate for the victims of TBI's, as well as helping their loved one’s through the difficult process. When an individual suffers a TBI it is imperative for them to get the best medical help they can and as soon as possible. It is also important that they find a partner that will help them find the necessary resources that are available. Our attorneys not only seek to help with the financial aspect, but we also have social workers and medical professionals available to answer questions, provide guidance and even advocate on behalf of the patient/victim when necessary.

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