Product Liability

Product Liability cases are complicated cases covering a wide range of product defects such as vehicle rollovers and tire defects, defective automobiles, child car seats and construction equipment, to name a few. Any time products are marketed for public consumption and are subsequently deemed unsafe and cause injury, there must be accountability.  Product liability law allows an individual to seek recourse for personal injury or property damages that result from the use of a defective product.

What causes a product to be defective?

Generally, there are three types of flaws that may make a product defective.

Manufacturing defect:

Where the product was designed properly, but the defect came about from a flaw in the manufacturing process.

Design defect:

Where the product was essentially flawed from conception because of its design.

Failure to warn:

Where the product causes injury due to the manufacturers failure to warn the public of a particular danger associated with the use of the product.

The Russo Firm will meticulously strive to hold those manufacturers or entities responsible, who value profit over safety.

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