Avoiding Dallas Car Accidents: How to Stay Safe When Driving Near AT&T Stadium

The NFL season is in full gear, meaning Texas residents and visitors will flock to AT&T Stadium in Arlington to see the Dallas Cowboys. While it is a fun recreational activity to go to a sporting event, those who visit AT&T Stadium should be wary of negligent drivers who can cause car accidents.

Drivers leaving AT&T Stadium should take their attention away from the football game they just watched and pay attention to reckless drivers departing the venue. Negligent driving behavior like distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving is common after sporting events.

If you are involved in a car accident leaving AT&T Stadium, you could file a Texas car accident claim with the at-fault party to pursue compensation for damages like medical bills, lost wages, and mental anguish. Contact a Texas car accident lawyer for help in assessing liability, filing paperwork, and negotiating a settlement for car accident damages.

How the Events of a Football Game Can Affect Drivers

Car accidents can happen after leaving a Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Common causes of car accidents are negligent driving behavior, such as speeding, failing to use turn signals, and running red lights.

A driver may be more likely to engage in reckless driving behavior when their emotions are high after a football game. Sports fans can get very invested in their teams. A triumphant win or devastating loss can create a concoction of emotions that can lead to reckless driving.

Fans in attendance will likely go to their cars directly after the game to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Their emotions can still be at a high point, which can lead to mistakes that can cause a severe car accident. Car collisions can cause severe car accident injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), bone fractures, and spinal cord injuries.

Drunk Driving Accidents After a Dallas Cowboys Game

AT&T stadium serves alcohol at the stadium bars and around the stadium at beverage carts. People have the right to go to a Dallas Cowboys game and enjoy their time with an adult beverage, as long as they have a designated driver not consuming alcohol.

However, issues can arise when someone who has been drinking at the stadium gets behind the wheel and causes a drunk driving accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk driving accounted for 31% of traffic-related fatalities in 2021.

Alcohol can interfere with someone’s brain, leading to worsened judgment, poor vision, reduced risk assessment, and poor coordination. These issues can prove disastrous behind the wheel, as a driver with worsened decision-making can make driving errors that can expose others to car accident risk.

Drivers Departing AT&T Stadium Can Suffer Distracted Driving Accidents

As mentioned above, emotions can run high in the aftermath of a football game. Dallas Cowboys fans leaving the stadium may remain focused on the game they just left rather than driving safely. Focusing on the game can be a cognitive distraction that leads to a car accident.

Distracted driving is one of the most common negligent driving behaviors that leads to car accidents. Drivers who focus more on texting, speaking to passengers, fixing their makeup, eating, or looking at something off-road can miss other drivers and crash into them.

Drivers leaving AT&T Stadium must stay vigilant in avoiding visual, manual, and cognitive distractions that can take their attention away from safe driving. Distracted drivers can breach duty of care and be held liable for car accidents caused by their negligence.

Dallas Car Accidents Outside AT&T Stadium Caused by Speeding

After a Dallas Cowboys game, there can be a lot of traffic outside of AT&T Stadium. Avoiding getting stuck in traffic for hours can lead to some drivers speeding above the speed limit, which can lead to a high-speed car collision. Speeding can be particularly dangerous when it leads to someone running a red light, causing an intersection crash.

Drivers that speed can miss important elements around them, such as other drivers, traffic control signals, and debris they need to avoid. Speeding drivers may be unable to adjust their vehicles to avoid obstacles, leading to them crashing directly into other drivers or heavy objects.

Tailgating Can Cause Dallas Car Accidents While Leaving AT&T Stadium

Tailgating is not just something you do outside of a football game. When driving, it is when a driver positions their car too close behind another car. Most states require drivers to maintain at least one car’s worth of distance between each other to avoid rear-end collisions.

When leaving AT&T Stadium, impatient drivers may tailgate behind other vehicles because of their frustration with slowed traffic. This can lead to a car accident, as the car in front will not have the optimal stopping distance. During stops, the car behind them can crash into the rear of their car and cause whiplash.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer to Help Pursue Compensation for Damages

After a car accident leaving AT&T Stadium, a Texas car accident victim can suffer significant damages. These can include medical bills, property damage, and loss of enjoyment of life. You could pursue compensation for car accident damages through a car accident claim.

Texas car accident victims can file claims with the liable party’s insurance company. Hiring a car accident lawyer can help with this process, as they can use their experience to advise on the best path for recovering fair compensatory damages.

A Texas car accident lawyer can help with your claim by assessing the value of your damages, determining the at-fault party, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and negotiating a fair settlement with the liable party’s insurance company.

Contact The Russo Firm for Help With Your AT&T Stadium Car Accident Claim

At The Russo Firm, our car accident lawyers in Texas can help you pursue economic and non-economic damages caused by a car accident outside of AT&T Stadium. We understand the emotional and mental stress caused by a car accident and wish to help you pursue compensation for a negligent party ruining your experience at the Cowboys game.

Our Texas car accident lawyers can help victims from Dallas, Houston, Arlington, etc., recover compensation for damages using their vast experience, expertise, and resources. Contact us for a free consultation today at (561) 270-0913 or leave a message on our online contact page.

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