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Because the elderly and infirm have so often been the victims of abuse and neglect, the Florida Legislature found it necessary to draft a Resident’s Bill of Rights to protect each resident’s civil, religious and human rights during the time of stay in any given facility. That notwithstanding, patients’ rights continue to be violated, their needs overlooked and their care less than optimum, many times due facilities that cut corners in order to save money and increase their bottom line profits.

A skilled nursing facility is populated by patients with diagnoses that range from the seemingly simple to the very complex and it is imperative that the facility be adequately staffed by competent, caring and qualified personnel. Unfortunately, such is not always the case and patients suffer what should have been avoidable consequences.

At The Russo Law Firm, our Delray Beach nursing home abuse attorneys have represented residents and their families in numerous cases of Nursing Home Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect. We fight hard when it comes to your loved ones.

Nursing Home Abuse is not always reported. Learn to look out for the signs to protect your loved ones:

These signs can sometimes imply abuse by nursing staff and can be caused by:

Unnecessary Use of Restraints

There are two kinds of restraints: physical and chemical. Physical restraints prevent a person from moving by tying them to a fixed object. Chemical restraints are drugs intended to control a person’s behavior. The use of restraints must be medically necessary and ordered by a physician. The use of a restraint for staff convenience is against the law.

Improper or Understaffing

empty wheelchair hallwayNursing Home assistants provide most of the hands-on care giving in nursing homes. Find out how many nursing assistants there are on each shift and compare that to the number of residents they are responsible for. If the ratio is more than 9 residents per assistant, make sure you visit to see if the resident’s needs are being met. Even if the ratio is less than 9 residents per assistant, check to see if the assistants can handle the workload, especially if there are many high maintenance residents at the facility.

Inadequate Screening and Training

Nursing Home assistants have been responsible for a great deal of the abuse in nursing homes. Much of which is the result of inadequate screening and training. Elderly residents are susceptible to abuse. This requires nursing homes to screen their staff and train them in the proper handling of residents.

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