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Check out Anthony Russo and The Russo Firm in the news, joining podcasts, and in print as he discusses new laws, important lawsuits, groundbreaking updates, and protecting consumers around America.

Anthony Russo discusses Florida’s new laws with Tampa Bay 10​ and how they will effect everyday Floridians

Anthony continues his discussion with Tampa Bay 10 about Florida’s new laws going into effect in October 2023

Anthony Russo talks about his class action lawsuit against Burger King for false advertising

In this episode of The David vs. Goliath Podcast, Anthony Russo joins hosts Matt Dolman and Stan Gipe to discuss how private equity is helping personal injury attorneys take on Fortune 500 companies

A judge has ruled that the fast-food chain, Burger King, must face a lawsuit that its Whopper sandwich appears larger on menu boards than in real life

The Debate hosts Mike Le Couteur, Neil Hedley, and Anne Lagace Dawson discuss fast food restaurant advertising and the lawsuits filed by The Russo Firm looking to protect consumers

Anthony Russo joins the “The David vs. Goliath Podcast” to discuss the drawbacks of the recent tort reform legislation in Florida

McDonald’s and Wendy’s are being sued over burger sizes by Anthony Russo along with multiple co-counsels

Yahoo Finance legal reporter Alexis Keenan breaks down the new lawsuit filed by The Russo Firm that alleges that both McDonald’s and Wendy’s have falsely advertised their burgers

BBC reports that Burger King must face a lawsuit that alleges it makes its Whopper burger appear larger on its menus than it is in reality