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Our focus is on compassion, understanding, and getting our clients the best possible settlement. Watch this video to learn more about our firm, team, and values.

Watch this video to learn more about our firm, team, and values.

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We Get Results

We have helped clients to get settlements in excess of $1 Billion. Our attorneys have a long track record of success and have been involved in numerous landmark legal cases over the past 30 years.

We Fight For You

Mr. Russo with Chief Technology Officer

We will fight to defend you from the insurance companies and giant corporations. Our commitment to going above and beyond for our clients is clear by our past verdicts and settlements.

We Are Reputable

We are an award-winning and top-rated law firm. When it comes to choosing a lawyer, selecting a reputable experienced attorney with a winning track record is the most important factor.

We serve clients throughout Florida, with locations in Delray Beach, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Fort Myers,  Melbourne, Tampa, Pensacola, and Key West. And offices across the nation in New York, New Orleans, Arizona (Scottsdale), and Texas (Dallas, San Antonio, Houston).

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  • Award-winning and top-rated law
  • Decades of diverse legal expertise
  • Powerful negotiating skills
  • Extensive trial preparation
  • Board-certified attorneys
  • Over 30 years of fighting for our community
  • Bilingual team
  • Relentless against powerful businesses and insurance firms
  • Over $1 Billion in settlements
  • Always here for you

The Russo Firm is an award-winning and top-rated law firm known nationally for assisting those who have been wronged or injured across America. With decades of diverse legal expertise, our team is renowned for their integrity, negotiating skills, and extensive trial preparation. Our board-certified attorneys have secured landmark verdicts over the last 30 years we have been fighting for the community. Supported by a bilingual team of exceptional paralegals and investigators, we’re unwavering in seeking justice against powerful businesses and insurance firms that evade responsibility.

We cherish the bonds we form with the people in our communities and are honored to represent their interests. Our attorneys have procured over $1 Billion (yes with a B) in settlements in various areas like auto accidents, personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, class actions, and more.

The Russo Firm is an AV rated firm, the highest rating a law firm can receive from the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings System.


Compelled by a passion to help our clients

  • The Russo Firm is committed to providing quality legal services and helping clients beyond the traditional legal scope.
  • We understand that clients need compassionate and professional individuals to help them throughout the journey to recovery.
  • Our firm’s mission is to help clients recover the monetary compensation they need to get their lives back. This includes healing from their injuries, paying their bills, and knowing that their situation has been completely handled.
  • The firm has a unique client care management team that helps clients navigate the complex system of care.
  • The legal care management team acts as a liaison between the firm, clients, and healthcare providers.
  • The firm also has its own in-house investigative team that is experienced in evidence collection, accident reconstruction, and witness testimony.
  • The firm’s attorneys work side-by-side with the care management team and the investigative team to resolve legal cases and provide support for recovery.
  • The firm’s deep roots within the community and large network of resources enable it to provide clients with the support they need.



Patrick BushPatrick Bush
19:33 20 Jul 23
My man Tony Russo coming through for me big time yet again! This is the second time I've had to hire him to help me for the second time some careless driver ran a stop light and t-boned me! Thank God I have Tony on my side to make sure I don't get ripped off by the insurance companies!
Barbara HornsbyBarbara Hornsby
08:37 16 Jul 23
Hi! Thanks again Tony for taking my slip and fall claim and making sure I was able to get some money for the incident. We both know it would have never happened had that young man not did his job and cleaned the mess up. Anyhow, I am glad we are past it and even more glad you were able to settle it for me!
Paul BilkingsPaul Bilkings
16:31 13 Jul 23
Went with Anthony Russo to take care of my car accident claim. He was really great and ended up working out a deal with the insurance company to make sure my bills were paid and injuries covered!
Vanessa SalernoVanessa Salerno
20:20 08 Jul 23
Anthony Russo is the attorney you want if you get into a car crash in the south florida area. He's got his act together and is fearless when it comes to negotiating with the big insurance agencies. He will have your back til the end too and always try and get you the most money possible!
Eric NeelsEric Neels
20:16 08 Jul 23
Mr. Russo - I greatly appreciate the work done by you and your team in helping me out with my motorcycle accident claim. I am pleasantly surprised as to how much you were able to get me from the insurance company but am by no means complaining. God Bless.
Kyle CraverKyle Craver
20:19 06 Jul 23
I called this law firm after my truck accident and they took the bull by the horns when it came to the entire process of handling it for me. They helped direct me toward the right treatment and made sure everything else was in working order. At the end of the day they were able to negotiate a nice deal and get me paid!
Russ HachRuss Hach
18:06 06 Jul 23
I was in a wreck and hired Anthony Russo to settle my claim for me. He got the job done in a timely manner and have absolutely zero complaints. I recommend using him if you get into a crash for sure.
Antonio HowardAntonio Howard
19:35 19 Jun 23
I hired Anthony Russo after my truck accident and he went to battle for me. After many months fighting against a stubborn insurance company he was finally able to settle for an amount that made sense and was fair for me. I am thankful for his help and definitely recommend him to all!
Aries ParksAries Parks
01:20 05 Jun 23
Nik Jones is an amazing guy. He talked me through everything and explained how everything goes. It's pretty amazing he called me the same day within an hr to help me file my claim and move forward. Glad to be on the team hope everything goes amazing for my family and I.
Michael WassuloMichael Wassulo
01:31 30 May 23
I hired Anthony Russo after my truck accident and he went to battle for me. After many months fighting against a stubborn insurance company he was finally able to settle for an amount that made sense and was fair for me. I am thankful for his help and definitely recommend him to all!
Horace DontavioHorace Dontavio
22:59 08 May 23
Attorney Russo locked up a settlement deal for me after I was in a bad car wreck. He was able to get me a lot of money that even I was surprised as to how much it was. One thing I learned with him, you never want to underestimate him!
Andy WarrenAndy Warren
19:19 25 Jan 23
Spacious, welcoming office and was greeted by friendly staff the moment I walked in the door. It smelled like fresh flowers and the fact there was coffee and cookies there while I waited made it that much better. While they weren't able to help me directly, they referred me to another attorney that was and I am grateful they did so!
Jessica WalkerJessica Walker
19:18 25 Jan 23
I was injured in a rideshare accident and needed a lawyer. I found this law firm online and decided to give them a try. I saw that they had go reviews and after speaking with Anthony Russo felt they were a good fit. When it was all said and done, things worked out even better than I expected. I highly recommend Mr. Russo. You'll be happy you did!
Carol HurstCarol Hurst
19:16 25 Jan 23
I used this law firm for my car crash. They worked out a deal with the insurance and got me money for my injuries. I am happy to say that I am feeling better now and all recovered. Thank you Mr. Russo, I couldn't have done it without you!
Matthew RivasMatthew Rivas
19:15 25 Jan 23
I had a great conversation with Mr. Russo on the phone the other day. He actually wasn't able to help me out directly because he didn't specialize in the type of law I needed. However, he took time out of his day and made sure to refer me to someone who he trusted and was able to help me. It was a very kind gesture on his part and just wanted to say thank you.
Jared GilliamJared Gilliam
18:37 25 Jan 23
I went with this law firm to help me with my truck accident case. It didn't cost anything up front and everything was well explained to me. I was kept in the loop the entire time and they were also easy to communicate with. After 14 months my case was settled. I feel my experience was a positive one and highly recommend them.
Joshua DavisJoshua Davis
16:31 25 Jan 23
Anthony Russo is the best lawyer you can go with if you get in a car accident. He fights tooth and nail for you all the way to the wire. He went back and forth with the insurance company of the other driver for me and didn't settle until we finally were given a fair amount. I am grateful for his efforts and strongly recommend him.
Kimberly KellyKimberly Kelly
16:30 25 Jan 23
The office was well set up and very organized. The staff was friendly and welcoming and overall I just felt like I was in a comfortable place. Not to mention, Mr. Russo was very understanding when i told him about my claim and really helped me understand my options. I am glad I chose this firm.
Jessica WilliamsJessica Williams
15:33 24 Jan 23
I was hurt bad in a car crash and needed a lawyer. I reached out to this law firm for help. Anthony Russo did a tremendous job in handling my case and eventually was able to settle for me. I am very appreciative of his hard work and will certainly use him again if ever needed!
Richard ValdezRichard Valdez
18:47 30 Dec 22
Special shout out to Anthony Russo who really did an awesome job handling my truck accident case. He worked magic with the insurance company and the end results couldn't have made me happier. I highly suggest calling him if you ever need a personal injury lawyer in the area. He is by far the best of the best. .
Robert BenRobert Ben
02:23 26 Dec 22
I was t-boned at an intersection and my car was comepletely wrecked. I had to go the hospital also for neck injuries. I hired Anthony Russo as my injury lawyer to help me. He did a great job and helped me the whole way. He pointed me in the right direction for treatment, explained the process of it all to me and how it works, and kept me in the loop with things. My case ended up settling in mediation for a large amount I was very pleased with and I couldn't be more thankful for Anthony and all his help!
Jeff GillespieJeff Gillespie
15:56 14 Nov 22
Really impressed with Anthony Russo and the way he was able to stick it to All State and get me the most money. I am grateful for this efforts and wanted to let the world know that such efforts should not go unrecognized. He is the real deal and highly advise going with him as your lawyer if you ever are in a car accident!
Michael SmithsonMichael Smithson
14:11 13 Nov 22
I am exceptionally pleased with the way my motorcycle accident case was handled. I was able to recover a large sum of money all thanks to Anthony Russo. Talk about a stellar job! Now I can go on living life and focus on continuing to recover.
Jane GunnerJane Gunner
18:21 12 Nov 22
I am so excited to announce that Anthony Russo called me Friday afternoon to tell me that he was able to settle my car accident claim. It was the absolute best news ever! He was able to get me the maximum amount on the insurance policy and he is seriously a life saver!
Kayla CrafterKayla Crafter
23:30 28 Oct 22
Tony did an outstanding job handling my car accident. He was able to negotiate with the insurance company to make sure I got paid what I rightfully deserved. It means a lot to me that I had someone like Tony who was really willing to go to battle for me to make sure I was treated right. I highly suggest using him if you ever have a car accident. He's seriously the best!
John CharmingJohn Charming
18:17 21 Oct 22
After my car accident I was in continuous pain from the injuries I sustained. I had treatment for months to help rehab my injuries. My medical bills were super high. Thankfully I hired Russo Law firm who was able to work out a settlement with the insurance company so I wouldn’t have to be stuck paying for bills from an accident that wasn’t my fault. I am thankful and grateful for their help. They are truly the best.
Rita CasserlyRita Casserly
17:21 20 Oct 22
I was on my way home from work one afternoon when a truck side swiped me trying to change lanes. My car was deemed a total loss and as for myself, I spent a couple days in the hospital recovering from a severe concussion. I suffered a dislocated shoulder as well. I needed a lawyer to help me because I wanted to make sure I wasn't stuck with a ton of medical bills because the accident wasn't my fault. I hired Russo Law Firm though and they made my worries disappear. They were very confident from the get go that they would be able to help me and just under a year later they settled my claim. I can't thank them enough and would suggest to anyone using them if they ever get into a similar situation.
Christine DuboisChristine Dubois
14:37 15 Oct 22
From start to finish my experience with The Russo Firm was awesome. My friend recommended me because I got hurt in a car accident and he has known Anthony for years. They treated me with compassion and always told me what was going on. By time it was done they actually got me the settlement they said they would. I defintiely recommend them.




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Get to know Anthony in this bio video where he speaks about his childhood, why he became a personal injury lawyer, what his mission is today, and how he puts it all together to help people in his community.