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Medical Errors That Can Cause Harm to Patients - The Russo Firm

Medical Errors That Can Cause Harm to Patients

When you go to a hospital to receive medical attention, the healthcare professional and hospital staff owe it to you to ensure your safety. Failing to do so through a medical error can expose you to harm and lead to severe injuries, illnesses, and infections. Some negligent medical errors that can expose you to harm include mistakes in diagnosing medical conditions, prescribing medication, performing surgery,

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How Does Standard of Care Affect a Medical Malpractice Claim?

Medical professionals owe it to their patients to treat them with proper care that meets accepted industry standards. This is the standard of care they owe patients to treat them in a way that mitigates harm and can put them in a position to recover from their severe injury, illness, or other medical condition. However, some medical professionals breach that standard of care through negligence

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