Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Negligent and intentionally reckless behavior from motorcyclists and other drivers are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are smaller vehicles that can be hard to control, which means that motorcyclists and other drivers must exercise caution while sharing the road. Motorcycle accidents can result from negligent driving behaviors like distracted driving, speeding, and lane splitting.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and incurred severe harm and damages, you could file a motorcycle accident claim to pursue compensation for damages. A motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to handle the claims process and how to assess liability. The experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at The Russo Firm can assess your current and future damages, assign liability, and collect evidence to help prove your case.

Drunk Driving Can Lead to a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents result from negligent behavior from both motorcyclists and other drivers on the road. Drunk driving on a motorcycle can put others on the road at risk of harm, as an inebriated motorcyclist can have worsened reaction time, decision-making, and control of their vehicle. Without full mental faculties, motorcyclists could make poor decisions while driving their motorcycles that can force them into impact with other drivers on the road.

Drivers of larger vehicles, like trucks and cars, can also cause an accident with a motorcyclist if they drive while inebriated. Motorcycles can be hard to see without anything affecting a driver’s senses. Driving while drunk can expose everyone on the road to harm, with motorcyclists being at significant risk because of a motorcycle’s lack of protection and safety features.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is when a driver has their attention taken away from the road, leading to them not exercising caution while operating a vehicle. The three most common types of distractions are manual, visual, and cognitive.

Manual distractions are those that take a motorcyclist’s hands off the handlebars, such as texting, phone calls, or adjusting a GPS app. Visual distractions are when a motorcyclist focuses their eyes on something besides traffic, like looking off at something in the distance. Cognitive distractions are those that take a driver’s mental focus away from driving, such as thinking about dinner plans, a movie they just watched, or an argument they had before their commute.

While a motorcyclist can cause a motorcycle accident through distracted driving, they can also receive impact from a distracted driver of a car or truck. Without focusing on the road, they can miss a small motorcycle in front of them and crash into the motorcyclist. This can lead to significant injuries, such as spinal cord, back, neck, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Speeding Motorcycle Accidents

A speeding motorcycle accident occurs when a motorcyclist operates their vehicle above the listed speed limit. These speed limits are decided for a reason, as they are the highest speed a driver can go and traverse the road safely. Some motorcyclists may go above the speed limit because they feel they can maneuver through traffic better that way. This is a dangerous mentality, as motorcyclists have less protection if they do get into an accident. Speeding on a motorcycle can cause a motorcyclist to miss an obstacle, road sign, or another vehicle they need to see to prevent a motorcycle accident.

Other drivers on the road can also speed due to being frustrated, late, or distracted. A car driver may speed to get to work on time but miss the fact that there is a motorcyclist in the lane they are trying to switch to. They are going too fast to stop in time and can collide with the motorcyclist. This can send them from the motorcycle, possibly causing catastrophic injuries with high medical costs.

Lane Splitting Can Cause a Motorcycle Accident

Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of slow-moving traffic. The motorcyclist may feel traffic is moving too slowly, and they can drive through to get to their destination faster. This driving behavior has two major problems: it’s illegal in some states and can expose the motorcyclist to harm.

Traffic is unpredictable, which is what makes lane splitting so dangerous. One minute, traffic could stall, and lane splitting could seem like a safe opinion. The next minute, traffic can resume moving, and the lane-splitting motorcyclist can become stuck between two moving lanes of traffic. This can lead to a motorcycle accident, as the motorcyclist cannot avoid being stuck by a car that does not notice them.

Left-Turn Motorcycle Accidents

Most accidents involving cars and motorcycles happen at left turns, as large vehicle drivers may not notice a motorcycle passing through an intersection. These crashes can be caused by distraction, speeding, or not obeying right-of-way laws. In most states, car drivers must yield to other vehicles at left turns. A car driver not obeying right-of-way laws may turn left without stopping and can cause an intersection accident by crashing into a motorcycle.

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help You Pursue Compensation for Damages?

Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney can help with the process of seeking compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company. They will have vast experience in handling these types of claims that can help with the process and put you in a position to maximize your potential compensation. They can also handle insurer negotiations in which the insurance company may try to deny, delay, or devalue your claim. They can see through attempts to limit your compensation and negotiate in a way to secure you fair compensation for your damages.

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