Crush Injuries Caused by a Car Accident


  • The pressure caused by a car accident can result in a person’s extremities to get caught between heavy objects, leading to a crush injury
  • Compartment syndrome is when a collection of blood vessels, muscles, and nerves can sustain tremendous pressure, causing significant physical pain
  • Crush syndrome is when a crushing impact causes blood flow to be cut off from a part of the body
  • Car accident impact can damage the bones and lead to a bone fracture

During a car collision, victims can sustain blunt-force trauma that damages bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They can suffer severe car accident injuries that can expose them to life-altering impact. One way someone can suffer an injury during a car accident is through a body part getting trapped by a heavy object, leading to a crush injury.

Another vehicle, the side of a building, or a guardrail can trap and crush a body part, exposing a the victim to significant bodily harm. Some crush injuries that can result from a car accident include broken bones, compartment syndrome, and crush syndrome. Victims of an accident who suffer crush injuries can file a civil claim to pursue compensation for their injury.

What is a Crush Injury?

Car accident victims can sustain bodily harm from the impact of a collision that can damage many body parts. They can sustain car accident injuries that can affect their life in the long term. Some common injuries can include knee, shoulder, facial, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Most auto accident injuries result from a direct blow from another vehicle or a heavy object inside the car. However, a body part can also be trapped during the impact of the accident, exposing the victim to crushing impact.

They can suffer a crush injury from the impact of their body being trapped between two heavy objects. A crushing injury will normally occur to the extremities, which can much more easily be trapped. The pressure applied by two heavy objects compacting an extremity can lead to severe injuries.

Compartment Syndrome Caused by a Car Accident

Crushing impact during a car accident can cause significant pressure on the muscles, causing compartment syndrome. It can reduce blood flow and restrict the body’s ability to transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. 

A compartment refers to a collection of nerves, blood vessels, and muscles. Compartment syndrome can be caused by the crushing impact from a car collision can apply pressure to a compartment in the body.

Compartment syndrome can result in severe pain and suffering from significant pressure. Some other symptoms include swelling, muscle tightness, and a tingling feeling.

Car Accident Impact Can Cause Crush Syndrome

Another syndrome that can result from the impact of a car collision is crush syndrome. Car accident victims can suffer a loss of blood flow caused by intense pressure on the body, particularly the skeletal muscles. A heavy object crushing your body can affect your muscle tissue and cause this syndrome. 

Crush syndrome can also affect the internal organs, causing respiratory distress with a negative effect on the kidneys. Accidents such as rear-end collisions, t-bone collisions, or sideswipe collisions are common causes of severe crushing injuries.

Crushing Impact from a Car Accident Can Cause Broken Bones

A car accident that causes a crushing impact can affect the bones. Car accident victims can suffer from broken bones due to crushing impact because the bones may not be able to sustain the pressure of heavy objects. A guardrail, building wall, or large vehicle can trap an extremity and cause the bones to sustain enough damage to fracture.

Those who suffer from broken bones can experience significant pain, reduced mobility of the injured body part, swelling, bleeding, and bruising. This type of injury can cause substantial long-term impact, so victims should seek medical treatment soon after their car collision.

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Victims of crush injuries can suffer significant car accident damages. They can require compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life from an at-fault party who caused the accident through negligence.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Crush Injuries

How Can a Car Accident Victim Treat a Crush Injury?

Following a car accident, someone who suffers a crush injury should focus on their medical recovery. They should go to the hospital afterward to allow a medical professional to diagnose the injury and establish the best recovery plan to allow them to heal from the severe auto accident injury.

Crush injuries can cause heavy bleeding, so one of the first things a doctor will do is apply pressure to stop the bleeding. They can also cover the injured area with a wet cloth to help ease the pressure. Depending on the severity of the injury, an automobile accident victim may require surgery to heal damaged bones and body parts.

What is the Long-Term Health Impact of a Crush Injury?

A severe crush injury can affect someone’s life for months or years after their car accident. This type of injury affects someone physically and can cause internal damage. While your physical injuries will heal over time, the internal injuries caused by crushing impacts that have to do with the loss of blood flow can continue to affect you long-term.

Crush injuries can kill cells, affecting your tissues’ strength. They may also lead to a person struggling to use a vital body part, such as the leg, foot, arm, or hand. This can affect their ability to handle everyday tasks and work at their job.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help Pursue Compensation for a Crush Injury?

After suffering a crush injury from a car accident, you should hire a car accident lawyer to help with your civil claim. Having experienced legal counsel in your corner can help put you in a great position to succeed and recover compensatory damages for your crush injury.

They will understand how the process works, what paperwork you need to sign, what evidence can help prove the at-fault party’s liability, and how to negotiate with an insurance company trying to limit your settlement. Hire a local car accident attorney today to help with your automobile accident claim.

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