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Whiplash From Car Crash Injury Lawyers

One of the most damaging injuries you can suffer during a car accident is whiplash. This is when the impact of a car accident causes the victim’s body to move violently, leading to the neck moving forcefully back and forth. This can cause a neck injury that results in significant pain in the neck, loss of range of motion, and consistent headaches.

Whiplash can result from a car accident caused by negligent behavior, such as distracted driving, road rage, and drunk driving, that can leave the at-fault liable for damages. A car accident attorney can help you file a car accident claim to recover compensation for whiplash damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The experienced car accident attorneys at The Russo Firm have helped whiplash victims in the past and can use that experience to put you in the best position to recover fair compensation for your damages.

What is Whiplash?

car accident can cause a severe injury such as whiplash, which is when a person’s body violently shakes and causes a neck injury. Although some may assume this neck injury may only affect the neck, it can also cause pain and functionality issues in the shoulders, back, and upper arms.

In all likelihood, the impact of a car accident will cause your body to shake as the car recoils from a car accident impact. If you move violently during a car accident, you are at risk of suffering a whiplash injury, which can cause intense pain, numbness, and reduced neck mobility.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash can cause many damaging symptoms that can negatively alter your standard of living. Having to deal with these symptoms can cause pain and suffering that can make life much less enjoyable. While the symptoms can be treated over time, the aftermath of a car accident that caused whiplash can be a difficult challenge due to the pain and limits on your neck’s capabilities.

The following are some of the symptoms of whiplash:

  • Pain in the neck
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Headaches
  • Reduced neck mobility
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Numbness in the arm
  • Memory issues

How Can a Motor Vehicle Accident Cause Whiplash?

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash. Car accidents result from negligent driving behavior, such as speeding, distracted driving, and road rage. A car accident is most likely going to cause a whiplash injury if the driver strikes the victim’s car from the rear.

The rear strike during a car accident can cause the victim’s body to shake violently, with the pressure and trauma to the neck causing a whiplash injury. If there was a negligent driver that caused the car accident, they could be held liable in a car accident claim for your whiplash damages.

Receiving Medical Treatment for Whiplash Injuries

If you feel you suffered whiplash after a car accident, you should go to the hospital to receive medical treatment to avoid future health complications. A doctor can put you through diagnostic testing, such as an x-ray, CT scan, or MRI, to determine whether you have whiplash and significant damage to the neck. You can only receive medical treatment if you know the extent of your whiplash injury.

Should the doctor determine you suffered whiplash, they can help treat your injury through various means, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Medication
  • Exercises to relieve neck pain
  • Surgery

Damages Caused by Whiplash from a Motor Vehicle Accident

Damages from a whiplash injury are the monetary and intangible losses you suffered due to your severe neck injury. With the help of a car accident lawyer and medical experts, you can calculate the true cost of your current and future whiplash damages. You can pursue economic damages, such as lost wages, medical expenses, and lost earning potential, which all have a monetary value you can point to. You can also pursue non-economic damages that reflect the intangible cost of your injuries, such as mental anguish, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

The following are some of the whiplash damages you can pursue compensation for:

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help You Recover Compensation for Whiplash Damages?

Hiring a car accident lawyer can help with the process of pursuing whiplash damages, as they have experience in handling car accident and whiplash claims. They know how you are suffering and can get you a more accurate evaluation of your damages than you would on your own. They can also help to determine the liable party, draft the demand letter for the at-fault party and their insurance company, and collect evidence to prove your case.

One of the ways a car accident attorney can help you the most is by negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company. They will try to keep their profits up by denying, delaying, or devaluing your settlement. An insurance adjuster can find harmful information that can limit your settlement. An experienced car accident attorney can see through these attempts and help you combat them to recover fair compensation for your damages.

Contact The Russo Firm for Help With Your Whiplash Claim

The Russo Firm’s car accident attorneys have specific experience helping victims recover fair compensation for whiplash damages. We understand how it can negatively affect your quality of life. We will speak to medical experts to get a calculation for the financial relief you will require over the course of your life. Allow our experienced car accident lawyers to offer personalized legal counsel to increase your chances of receiving fair compensation to pay for the full cost of your whiplash damages.

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