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Internal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury incidents can involve trauma that affects the interior of a person’s body, leading to intense pain, organ malfunctioning, and a reduced standard of living. In that case, the personal injury victim will suffer from an internal injury due to the negligence of the at-fault party. These internal injuries can lead to significant damages like medical bills, lost wages, and mental anguish.

An experienced personal injury can help you file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for damages caused by the at-fault party’s negligence. They can assist you with assessing your damages, filing a personal injury claim, and negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company. The experienced personal injury attorneys at The Russo Firm have experience helping victims of all kinds of personal injury incidents and can apply that experience to help you recover compensation for internal injury damages.

What Personal Injury Incidents Can Cause an Internal Injury?

A personal injury incident can happen if you suffer from penetrating trauma that affects the interior of your body. Many types of personal injury incidents can cause this to happen, but automobile accidents are the most common. Car and truck accidents can cause window and windshield glass to shatter, which can cause penetrating trauma and internal injuries.

Motorcycle and bicycle accidents can lead to you flying off your bike and coming into heavy contact with the ground. If enough pressure is generated, you can suffer from an internal injury without penetrating trauma. Medical malpractice can cause an internal injury if the healthcare professional negligently makes an incision that injures an organ.

Internal Bleeding is the Most Common Type of Internal Injury

Internal bleeding is exactly what it sounds like: bleeding occurring inside of your body due to bodily trauma. Trauma can cause damage to your blood vessels that can result in excessive internal bleeding. It can also be the symptom of another adverse health condition. Internal bleeding can happen in your head, chest, abdomen, muscles, or joints.

The following are some of the symptoms of internal bleeding:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Weakness and dizziness
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloody vomit or stool

Penetrating Trauma Can Cause a Punctured Lung

punctured lung is most commonly associated with penetrating trauma and results from the air leaving the lung into the space between it and the chest wall. This can result in the lung collapsing, causing significant breathing problems.

Some symptoms of a punctured lung include shortness of breath, chest and shoulder pain, increased heart rate, and shortness of breath. You should receive medical attention immediately after suffering a punctured lung, as breathing problems can cause long-term health issues that can cause significant harm.

Organ Damage Caused by a Personal Injury Incident

Organs are essential for the functioning of the human body, but a personal injury incident can cause trauma and pressure that injures a vital organ. Damage to an organ can make it far less effective, making your life harder. Internal injuries like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can reduce your effectiveness in completing daily tasks and can lead to long-term health risks that can put your life in danger.

Organs at risk of injury during a personal injury incident include the kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen, and brain, among others.

What Damages Can You Pursue for an Internal Injury?

Internal injuries can lead to damages which are losses associated with a personal injury incident. They may affect whether you can work in your career, cost a lot of money in medical costs, and change your standard of living to the point where your life will never be the same. A personal injury lawyer can help you calculate current and future damages for your internal injuries so you can recover full compensation from a personal injury claim.

Personal injury damages come in two categories: economic and non-economic damages. The difference between these two types of damages is whether you were affected monetarily or through changes to your life. Economic damages have to do with the economic fallout of your internal injuries, whereas non-economic damages have to do with how your standard of living changes. You can pursue both through a personal injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

The following are the damages you can pursue for internal injuries:

  • Medical bills
  • Disability costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You Recover Compensation for Internal Injuries?

To recover full compensation for your internal injury damages, you will need someone in your corner with personal injury claims experience. While it can be tempting to handle the claims process independently, your lack of experience could lead to a mistake that can affect your ability to recover full compensation. Insurance companies will look for ways to deny, devalue, or deny your claim.

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer can help with the claims process, as they have the knowledge and expertise to know when certain steps in the process are required. They can handle the claims process in a way that can maximize your chances of recovering fair compensation for your injuries. Their experience can also help in settlement negotiations, as they will be fully aware of how an insurer could try to limit your settlement and can combat those attempts to put you in the best position to recover compensation for the full cost of your internal injury damages.

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