What are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Houston?

Houston has its fair share of dangerous intersections where drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists can suffer severe accidents that cause physical injuries. Intersection accidents can happen when drivers engage in reckless behavior that exposes others to injury risk.

Some negligent and reckless behavior at a Houston intersection that can cause an accident includes speeding, running red lights, or distracted driving. Dangerous Houston intersections like Pease and Fannin Street, Long Point & Gessner Road, and Bissonnet Street & Wilcrest Drive commonly have car and pedestrian accidents.

Houston residents who suffer severe injuries from intersection accidents caused by at-fault parties can file car accident claims to pursue compensation for damages. A Houston car accident lawyer can use their knowledge of Texas laws to help a victim with the claims process.

What Makes an Intersection Dangerous?

One of the common locations for a car accident to occur in Houston and other cities across the United States is intersections. These are places where two or more streets or roads converge. Intersections have traffic control signals that modulate traffic and allow drivers to pass by drivers on another road or street safely.

They also contain crosswalks that allow pedestrians and bicyclists to pass through. Intersections can be dangerous for Houston drivers and pedestrians because of the amount of motor vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists passing through at one time.

With multiple lanes of traffic at one intersection, some drivers may make negligent mistakes that can cause an intersection crash. Drivers have an increased amount of information to parse, such as multiple lanes of traffic, pedestrians, traffic control signals, and stop signs. Information overload can lead to mistakes that cause a car accident at the intersection.

Common Causes of Intersection Accidents in Houston

Intersection accidents can occur in Houston when a driver or multiple drivers make reckless driving mistakes that expose others to harm. While there can also be issues with how the intersection is designed or poor road maintenance, the large majority of Houston intersection crashes happen because of human driving errors.

Houston drivers may be in a rush or get frustrated as they are stuck in traffic. This can lead to them engaging in reckless behavior to get through the intersection faster, leading to them coming into dangerous contact with other drivers and pedestrians.

The following are some reckless behaviors that can cause a Houston intersection accident:

The Most Dangerous Intersection in Houston: Pease and Fannin Street

University of Houston students conducted a study to discover the most dangerous intersections in Houston. This study was meant to identify the changes in driving behavior since Texas’ reopening of businesses after the COVID-19 lockdown.

They discovered that the intersection with the most traffic accidents in the time studied was Pease and Fannin Street. This intersection is located in Houston’s Central Business District by Houston House Apartments and the downtown Houston Holiday Inn.

The University of Huston study did not survey factors that lead to this intersection being dangerous but did find there were 59 crashes there. The lead author of the study, Ashutosh Agrawal, suggested that low visibility, strange road designs, and confusing signage can lead to a high volume of traffic accidents.

Farm to Market Road 1960 Has Some of Houston’s Most Dangerous Intersections

The study from the University of Houston students also identified Farm to Market Road 1960 as one of Houston’s most dangerous roads. It has many intersections that have had multiple car and pedestrian accidents.

They identified Farm to Market Road 1960 and West Lake Houston Parkway as the fourth most dangerous Houston intersection, with 39 crashes happening during their study. Farm to Market Road 1960 is one of Houston’s busiest streets, as many restaurants, stores, and other popular locations are connected to the road.

People from roads that connect to FM Road 1960 use the intersection to access these popular locations. With so much traffic at these intersections throughout the day, many drivers can make mistakes behind the wheel to cause car accidents at these busy intersections.

Long Point & Gessner Road: One of the Most Dangerous Houston Intersections for Drivers

A separate study from LINKHouston, in accordance with the Safer Streets Initiative, identified other dangerous intersections before the pandemic. The most dangerous intersection identified by this study was Long Point & Gessner Road.

This intersection is located in Spring Branch West by many fast food restaurants, such as Raising Cane’s, Burger King, and Cici’s Pizza. These popular restaurants have many people visit them throughout the day, with some departing customers needing to use the intersection to get to their next location.

Drivers have made reckless driving errors at this busy intersection, causing severe car and pedestrian accidents resulting in physical injuries. One such accident occurred in 2016 when there was a six-vehicle accident that caused a shutdown of all lanes on Long Point Road.

Stay Wary of Car Accidents at Bissonnet Street and Wilcrest Drive

The LINKHouston study also found that Bissonnet Street and Wilcrest Drive are some of the most dangerous intersections in Houston for drivers and pedestrians. This Westwood intersection is by CVS, La Union, and Petro Texas locations.

Much like the above dangerous intersections, there are many stores, restaurants, and gas stations around the intersection. Drivers leaving or entering these locations that use the busy intersection can cause car and pedestrian accidents through negligent driving behavior.

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