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Why are Semi-Trucks So Dangerous for Texas Drivers?

A semi-truck is a large truck that combines a tractor unit and a semi-trailer that can haul cargo. These are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road, as they are much larger than other vehicles. Even a slight accident with a smaller vehicle can lead to significant harm, as the larger vehicle can destroy the smaller one.

Due to their size, it’s much harder for a driver to control them, meaning sharp turns and quick movements can lead to the driver losing control of the vehicle.

Semi-trucks can also contain dangerous cargo that can explode or leak during a truck accident and cause further injuries and medical conditions. Texas drivers must be wary when sharing the road with a semi-truck, as a slight mistake from a truck driver can expose them to life-threatening impacts.

What Classifies as a Semi-Truck?

One type of truck that can cause a Texas truck accident is a semi-truck. It comes in two parts: the front tractor unit that houses the driver and a semi-trailer that attaches to the back and carries cargo. These trucks primarily transport cargo, such as food, furniture, and dangerous chemicals.

In most cases, semi-trucks can weigh over 10,000 pounds. This can make a semi-truck incredibly difficult to control, as the driver cannot make sudden movements like in a smaller car or motorcycle. To drive a semi-truck safely, a truck driver must have the proper training and years of experience driving large trucks.

Even with experience and expertise, truck drivers can struggle to control a semi-truck and can cause a car accident that can expose Texas drivers to significant harm.

A Semi-Truck’s Size Can Make It Dangerous for Other Drivers on the Road

One of the most dangerous elements of a semi-truck for other drivers is the size and speed of the vehicle. A vehicle like a semi-truck that can weigh close to 10,000 pounds can cause destructive damage when it comes into contact with another vehicle. A direct collision with a small vehicle, like a car or motorcycle, can destroy the smaller vehicle and lead to the driver and passengers receiving direct blunt-force trauma.

Due to its size, a truck must generate a lot of force to move. Despite going at the same speed limit as other vehicles on the road, the power generated by a semi-truck can be too much for a smaller vehicle to take. This can become particularly dangerous on roads with high-speed limits, such as the multiple highways running through Texas.

Semi-truck drivers must increase their speed to keep up with traffic, which can generate a ton of force that can cause destructive impact if they crash into another vehicle.

It’s Far More Difficult to Maneuver a Semi-Truck Than a Smaller Vehicle

Semi-truck drivers can struggle to control their vehicles because of the size of both components. It can be hard to maneuver a semi-truck through tight spaces and sharp turns. When they have to go through one of those areas, it can be hard for a truck driver to control their semi-truck fully, and they can tip over their vehicle in the process. This can lead to a rollover accident exposing multiple vehicles to truck accident impact.

This lack of control over a semi-truck can also lead to other types of truck accidents, such as a T-bone, sideswipe, or jackknife truck accident. It can also exacerbate the danger of negligent driving behavior, such as distracted driving, speeding, and drowsy driving. Semi-truck drivers must maintain perfect focus to avoid losing control of their vehicle and causing life-altering impacts to a truck accident victim.

Semi-Trucks Contain Dangerous Cargo That Can Expose Others to Harm

In some cases, a semi-truck can contain dangerous cargo that can exacerbate the seriousness of a truck accident. Victims in smaller cars can experience blunt-force trauma from direct impact with a semi-truck that can cause severe physical injuries. The dangerous cargo loaded in the back can also become impacted by a truck accident and cause a chain reaction that can lead to severe medical conditions.

The dangerous cargo carried by a semi-truck can have explosive qualities that can lead to severe fires. People that come into contact with the fire can experience burn injuries that cause long-term pain and suffering.

Semi-trucks can also contain chemicals that can leak out of the trailer during semi-truck accidents. These dangerous chemicals can infect the environment and seep into a person’s body, leading to a life-threatening medical condition like cancer.

Hiring a Texas Truck Accident Lawyer to Help With a Semi-Truck Accident Claim

Texas semi-truck accident victims can suffer significant damages, such as medical bills, property damage, and loss of enjoyment of life. They can file a truck accident claim with the semi-truck driver’s insurance company to recover compensatory damages after a truck accident.

However, the victim likely suffered severe truck accident injuries that can make handling the claims process difficult. They also likely do not have the necessary legal experience that can help them handle the process optimally.

The best chance for a Texas semi-truck accident victim to recover fair compensation for damages is to hire a truck accident lawyer. An experienced Texas truck accident lawyer can use their expertise in truck accident claims, truck accident laws, and personal injury negotiations to help victims recover fair compensatory damages.

A Texas truck accident lawyer can help with a victim’s claim by determining the value of their claim, assessing liability, explaining their rights, collecting evidence, and negotiating a fair settlement.

Contact The Russo Firm for Help With Your Texas Semi-Truck Accident Claim

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Our truck accident lawyers will help you determine who caused the semi-truck accident and advise you on the best steps to recover fair compensatory damages. We understand how a semi-truck accident can affect your physical health, work wages, and quality of life. Take advantage of our free truck accident case evaluation to see how we can help you by contacting us at our Dallas office.

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