Andres Marquez

Director of Operations

Andres Marquez

I am the Director of Operations and Mass Torts here at The Russo Firm. My daily responsibilities include your standard office administration and department management to make sure our office procedures and staff are operating as efficiently as possible.

On the Mass Tort side, I assist in administering our large dockets and facilitate client communications. My main motivation is being able to aid Mass Tort clients navigate the immensely lengthy and complicated litigations comforting and/or educating them throughout the entire case.

I enjoy working with the entire staff here at the firm and am grateful for the opportunity to assist each department in troubleshooting pain points and involving everyone in the process of brainstorming solutions. Additionally, I enjoy providing teams here at the firm with everything they need to perform their best which results in clients receiving an overall better experience.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring the beautiful sites of South Florida or staying in and reading.