Robert Taylor

Lead Investigator

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Robert Taylor brings over 35 years of Military, Law Enforcement, and Legal Investigator experience to the Russo Firm. While serving in the United States Air Force, Robert maintained Top Secret Clearance as a Flight Instructor assigned to an airborne platform. During that tenure, Robert was also able to complete his college education with a major in Criminal Justice.

After six years in the United States Air Force and with his BA degree in Criminal Justice, Robert joined the Miami Beach Police Department. While at the Department, Robert was involved in several high-profile cases such as the murder of clothes designer Gianni Versace by Andrew Cunanan. After ten years, Robert became a Police Detective where he began his career path as a Criminal Investigator.

Following the end of his police career, Robert continued his passion in the field of Investigation, originally working for Insurance companies and insurance defense law firms investigating catastrophic, auto, train, boat, and aircraft accident cases. Robert was soon admitted to numerous courts as a subject matter expert in several of these areas. After a few years, Robert decided he wanted to do more to help the folks directly affected by these catastrophic events. Realizing that the individual victims and their families injured in these events would be better served by his experience, Robert has dedicated the last 15 years of his career to assisting plaintiffs and their attorneys in their pursuit of justice.

Robert joined The Russo Firm ten years ago and has found a home. Working side by side with the Firm’s Trial team, Robert’s extensive experience has proven invaluable in every aspect of the case from intake to trial and has resulted in numerous of the Firm’s largest settlements and verdicts.