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What are Left-Hook Bicycle Accidents?

Drivers must be aware of everyone around them before they make a turn because failing to check for other cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists can lead to an accident that can cause severe injuries. Bicyclists commonly suffer severe injuries from a bicycle accident when a driver turns left without checking for a bicyclist. This is called a left-hook bicycle accident and occurs at intersections when a driver is distracted and fails to see if their path is clear.

Bicyclists have far less protection than drivers and passengers in motor vehicles, as they likely only have a helmet to guard them against significant blunt-force trauma. Victims of left-hook bicycle accidents can suffer severe bike accident injuries like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, and spinal cord injuries.

If you suffered damages in a left-hook bicycle accident, you could file a bicycle accident claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company to pursue fair compensatory damages.

Left-Hook Bicycle Accidents Happen When a Driver Does Not Pay Attention at Turns

Bicycle accidents ordinarily occur because of the negligent driving behavior of drivers in larger vehicles like cars, trucks, and buses. This can include behavior like distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving that can cause a driver to not pay close enough attention to other drivers and pedestrians. This can be particularly dangerous at intersections, where there are many lanes of traffic and pathways for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross the street.

A left-hook bicycle accident is a common type of bicycle collision caused by a motor vehicle driver not paying attention when taking a left turn and colliding with a bicyclist. This commonly involves the front end of a motor vehicle crashing into a bicyclist who had the right-of-way. The driver failed to notice they had the right-of-way and mistakenly took the turn before it was clear for them to go.

Common Injuries Caused by Left-Hook Bicycle Accidents

Victims of left-hook bicycle accidents can experience significant blunt-force trauma that can damage the body and lead to severe injuries. In most cases, a driver that does not yield to the right-of-way at an intersection will move very fast, with a high-speed collision with a bicyclist leading to significant bodily injury.

Bicyclists do not have a lot of protection to keep them safe during a left-hook bicycle accident. The only gear that can safeguard a bicyclist from the impact of a collision is a helmet and heavy-duty clothing. These may not be effective when a bicyclist receives a direct hit from a fast car or truck.

The following are some severe left-hook bicycle accident injuries:

Safety Tips for Avoiding a Left-Hook Bicycle Accident

Knowing that drivers can commonly cause left-hook bicycle accidents, bicyclists must take their safety into their own hands to ensure they do not get hit at an intersection. When at an intersection, cyclists must be aware of the fact that left-hook bicycle accidents can happen and stop before advancing through the intersection.

Check to ensure that a driver isn’t taking a left turn before going through the intersection, and bike through as quickly as safely possible to eliminate unnecessary time at risk of a left-hook bicycle accident.

Bicyclists should also follow safety tips for avoiding a bicycle accident and mitigating damage caused by a bicycle accident. These can include wearing proper safety gear, riding a properly sized bike, checking to ensure tire pressure is good before riding, not riding with headphones on, and avoiding distractions to stay focused.

What Should You Do After a Left-Hook Bicycle Accident?

Following a left-hook bicycle accident, victims should prioritize their health and ensure they receive treatment for severe injuries. Bicycle accident injuries can get worse if they go untreated and can lead to significant complications that can cause long-term pain and suffering.

Victims should also take steps to put them in a position to recover compensation for damages. They may be able to file a left-hook bicycle accident claim to pursue compensatory damages, but only if they follow certain steps in the aftermath of a bicycle accident.

The following are some steps to take after a left-hook bicycle accident:

Hiring a Bicycle Accident Lawyer for Help With Your Left-Hook Bicycle Accident Claim

Left-hook bicycle accident victims can suffer damages like medical bills, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life. These damages can affect your financial situation, physical health, and quality of life. You can file a left-hook bicycle accident claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company to pursue compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

Hiring a bicycle accident lawyer can help with the process of the bicycle accident claim, as they will know how to prove the at-fault party’s negligence. They will have years of experience handling bicycle accident claims and have developed expertise from those years of experience that can help you recover fair compensation for damages. For the best chance to recover fair compensation, you should hire an experienced bicycle accident attorney.

Contact The Russo Firm for Help With Your Left-Hook Bicycle Accident Claim

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Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can help you calculate the cost of your damages, determine who caused the motorcycle accident, write a demand letter, interview witnesses, collect evidence, and negotiate a fair settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Contact us for a free left-hook bicycle accident case evaluation at (561) 270-0913 or leave a message on our online contact page.

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