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Bard PowerPort Updates January 2024 - The Russo Firm

Bard PowerPort Updates | February 2024

Summary In August 2023, all BardPower Port lawsuits consolidated into a mass tort in the District of Arizona A new Bard PowerPort lawsuit from an Arizona man alleges the defective port catheter caused his infection Judge Dan G. Campbell issued six case management orders to outline the net 18 months of the discovery process and bellwether trials The MDL judge approved the plaintiffs’ master complaint

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courthouse - Updates on the Most Recent Mass Tort Cases

Updates on the Most Recent Mass Tort Cases: January 2024

The following mass tort or class action cases—Firefighting Foam, EzriCare Artificial Tears, Hair Relaxer, Camp Lejeune Toxic Water, Tylenol Autism—are moving forward at a fast pace. Here are updates on each one: January 2024 AFFF Firefighting Foam Lawsuit Update In January 2024, the focus of this lawsuit shifted to individual personal injury cases regarding exposure to AFFF. These personal injury lawsuits still focus mainly on

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Ozempic Lawsuit Filed Over the Drug Causing Stomach Paralysis

Those living with Type II Diabetes rely upon medication to help them manage the effects of their condition, regulate their diet, and reduce their blood sugar levels. Ozempic, also known as Wegovy and Rybelsus, is an injectable medication for those needing blood sugar regulation. Ozempic is also sometimes used as a weight loss medication, but recent reports suggest the medication can cause gastroparesis. This is

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What are the Symptoms of AFFF Exposure?

Summary: The toxic chemicals in AFFF firefighting foam can cause skin and eye irritation that leads to itchy skin, rashes, and vision problems AFFF exposure can cause respiratory problems, such as trouble breathing, constant coughing and wheezing, and chest pains People can suffer gastrointestinal issues when exposed to AFFF firefighting foam or when they consume AFFF-contaminated food and water AFFF exposure can cause cancer because

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How does Suboxone Cause Tooth Decay - The Russo Firm

How Does Suboxone Cause Tooth Decay?

Summary: Suboxone is a sublingual strip that can help those struggling with opioid addiction by reducing cravings and helping with withdrawal symptoms Recent scientific studies have found that Suboxone can cause dental problems like tooth decay, infections, and dry mouth Suboxone can cause tooth decay because the strips of film are as acidic as vinegar The toxic strips of Suboxone can damage tooth enamel and

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What Damages Can You Pursue in a Mass Tort Lawsuit?

A company or group of people can make a mistake that exposes multiple parties to harm. In this case, these people can all seek compensation for damages through legal action by holding the at-fault party accountable for their negligent action. A mass tort is a large civil action that includes hundreds or thousands of people seeking compensation for damages caused by the same at-fault party.

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What Should You Do If You Feel Stomach Paralysis Symptoms After Using Ozempic - The Russo Firm

Do You Feel Stomach Paralysis Symptoms After Using Ozempic?

Ozempic is a GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Analog-Type drug used by those with Type II Diabetes to help control their blood sugar levels and lose weight. However, the injectable medication has come under fire for causing significant health issues. In the past couple of years, there have been numerous lawsuits against the manufacturer of Ozempic, Novo Nordisk, for the drug causing gallstones. Recently, there have been

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The Scientific Reasons for Tylenol Use During Pregnancy Causing Autism

Tylenol is an over-the-counter medication that helps to treat aches and pains, which can be especially helpful to a woman during pregnancy. However, many scientific studies have pointed out that prenatal use of Tylenol or other acetaminophen products can cause autism. Using Tylenol during pregnancy can cause a mother’s child to experience hormonal disruption, oxidative stress, glutathione depletion, and reduced immune response. These factors can

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Philips Respironics to Pay $479 Million to Settle CPAP Lawsuit over Toxic Foam

Philips to Pay $479 Million to Settle CPAP Lawsuit Over Toxic Foam

Philips Respironics, the maker of CPAP sleep apnea machines, has agreed to pay at least $479 million to settle a lawsuit over alleged health risks from toxic sound-reducing foam. Philips CPAP Settlement Terms The settlement will go to users who bought or rented the recalled devices and those who incurred out-of-pocket costs or had to reimburse users for those costs. As part of the agreement,

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arbys store with original sign - arbys lawsuit for false advertising - the russo firm

The Russo Firm Files Lawsuit Against Arby’s for False Advertising

The Russo Firm is currently representing a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Arby’s for falsely advertising the quantity and quality of the meat in their sandwiches. Plaintiff Joseph Alongis of New York purchased roast beef sandwiches based on images and advertising that grossly overestimated the sandwiches’ meat quality. Marketing material shows sandwiches with plentiful meat of high quality, but the reality is that customers receive

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