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Philips Respironics to Pay $479 Million to Settle CPAP Lawsuit over Toxic Foam

Philips to Pay $479 Million to Settle CPAP Lawsuit Over Toxic Foam

Philips Respironics, the maker of CPAP sleep apnea machines, has agreed to pay at least $479 million to settle a lawsuit over alleged health risks from toxic sound-reducing foam. Philips CPAP Settlement Terms The settlement will go to users who bought or rented the recalled devices and those who incurred out-of-pocket costs or had to reimburse users for those costs. As part of the agreement,

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What Defective Drugs Can Cause Serious Health Problems - The Russo Firm

What Defective Drugs Can Cause Serious Health Problems?

Defective drugs are medication and other products you can purchase to treat a medical issue that causes other problems. They may work in healing what you were looking to treat, but defective drugs can cause other medical conditions worse than what you were trying to treat. For example, Zantac is an over-the-counter drug used to help with heartburn but has been connected to various forms

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How Much is a Product Liability Claim Worth - The Russo Firm

How Much is a Product Liability Claim Worth?

Consumers can suffer severe injuries from defective or dangerous products, such as car parts, toys, medication, etc. These can leave the designer, manufacturer, distributor, or seller of the product liable in a product liability claim. To recover compensation for damages, such as medical bills, lost earning potential, and mental anguish, you must prove the at-fault party’s negligent behavior is why the dangerous product caused your

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What Defective Household Products Can Cause Severe Injuries?

Manufacturers and designers can make mistakes in creating consumer products that can lead them to malfunction and cause severe injuries. Products with design and manufacturing defects will not operate as they usually should, exposing consumers to harm. Consumers can experience severe injuries, such as facial injuries, broken bones, and knee injuries, because of these defective household products. Household products like appliances, toys, furniture, and heating

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What Dangerous Products Commonly Cause Severe Injuries?

Many products, such as car parts, medications, and toys, can have manufacturing, design, and labeling defects that can lead to severe injuries. Companies responsible for designing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling these products can be held liable for negligence that leads to these products injuring consumers. They must ensure the products consumers buy operate safely and can be held liable for a product liability claim if

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What Parties Can Share Liability for Dangerous Product Injuries?

Dangerous products can cause people harm because of manufacturing, design, and labeling defects, leaving parties like designers, manufacturers, distributors, and sellers liable for damages. Product liability claims hold companies in the distribution chain accountable for their negligence, leading to consumers suffering severe injuries from dangerous products like defective tires, household appliances, or drugs. If you received a severe injury from a dangerous product, you could

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