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Lyft Accident Lawyer - The Russo Firm

Lyft Accident Lawyer

Summary Lyft accidents can result from the negligent driving behavior of the Lyft driver or other drivers on the road Lyft is a rideshare application that allows people without access to a vehicle or public transportation to commute for a fee Lyft has an insurance policy that can cover damages if the Lyft driver had their application turned on at the time of the accident

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Tylenol Autism Lawsuit Updates - The Russo Firm

Tylenol Autism and ADHD Lawsuit Updates

Summary: A new scientific study provides evidence for a causal relationship between prenatal Tylenol use and diagnosis of autism and ADHD There are now over 400 lawsuits pending in the Tylenol autism MDL The Daubert hearings to confirm evidence and expert witness testimony took place on December 7th, 2023 There will be a settlement scheduling telephone conference on January 4th, 2024 Many parents have filed

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The Dangers of Drunk Driving in Dallas

Dallas drivers should be wary of drunk drivers who can cause car accidents by speeding, running red lights, and cutting off other drivers. There are plenty of Dallas restaurants, bars, and other establishments that sell alcohol. Drivers who drink and use alcohol, drugs, and intense medications can experience significant effects on their brains. They can alter the brain’s communication pathways, leading to issues with vision,

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