Tylenol Autism and ADHD Lawsuit Updates


  • A new scientific study provides evidence for a causal relationship between prenatal Tylenol use and diagnosis of autism and ADHD
  • There are now over 400 lawsuits pending in the Tylenol autism MDL
  • The Daubert hearings to confirm evidence and expert witness testimony took place on December 7th, 2023
  • There will be a settlement scheduling telephone conference on January 4th, 2024

Many parents have filed product liability lawsuits holding Johnson & Johnson accountable for prenatal Tylenol use causing autism and ADHD. Tylenol is one of the most popular over-the-counter pain relievers for pregnant women, but there are no warnings that indicate using it during pregnancy can affect their child’s brain health.

The Tylenol autism lawsuits consolidated last year into a multi-district litigation (MDL) in the Southern District of New York under Judge Denise L. Cote. After a year-long process, the consolidated lawsuit is ramping up. Recent updates include hundreds of new cases, recent evidence showing a connection between Tylenol and autism, and the Daubert hearing occurred.

New Study Provides More Evidence of Tylenol Causing Autism and ADHD

There have been recent updates in the Tylenol autism MDL that have brought more clarity to the proceedings. In September 2023, a new study came out drawing a causal link between prenatal Tylenol use and neurodevelopmental issues for children. The scientific study investigated the effect acetaminophen products, like Tylenol, can have during pregnancy.

Scientists exposed cells in a laboratory to acetaminophen and found a similar effect seen in umbilical cord samples of babies exposed to Tylenol. This can help plaintiffs prove there is a connection between heavy exposure to Tylenol during pregnancy and a child having adverse neurodevelopmental effects.

This comes after other recent studies found prenatal Tylenol use can cause autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The plaintiffs want to use these studies to back up testimony from expert witnesses. However, the defendants have objected to this most recent study, believing it is “untimely.”

The Tylenol Autism MDL Saw a Vast Increase in the Number of Cases

The Tylenol autism MDL has been consolidated in the Southern District of New York for over a year. The beginning was slow, with far fewer plaintiffs than now. However, more information has come out over the past year that has led many parents to realize prenatal Tylenol use can cause ADHD and autism.

As of December 2023, there are over 400 lawsuits pending in the Tylenol autism MDL. Each month, a high volume of lawsuits has been added to the MDL. For example, over 100 Tylenol autism lawsuits were filed and added to the MDL between September and October. More lawsuits will be filed as the MDL moves towards a resolution.

Daubert Hearings Set for December 7th to Determine the Strength of Scientific Evidence

The Daubert hearings for the Tylenol autism MDL occurred on December 7th. This is a hearing where the judge will assess what scientific evidence is admissible in a case. They will also decide if expert testimonies will be allowed for the case.

Both sides submitted three rounds of briefs, including information, evidence, and expert witness testimony that they wanted to be allowed or disallowed. Judge Cote was allowed time to review the briefs before providing her ruling at the Daubert hearing.

The hearing took place on December 7th, with little information available yet about what the judge’s ruling was. The ruling in the Daubert hearing will establish the path for Tylenol autism and ADHD litigation, as important evidence being declared inadmissible could affect the plaintiffs’ chance of success.

Settlement Scheduling Telephone Conference Set for January

Judge Cote has set a date for a settlement scheduling telephone conference. This should facilitate the beginning of settlement negotiations for the defective drug case. After the result of the Daubert hearings, both sides will have a clearer picture of the viability of their argument and can negotiate a settlement. The phone conference is set for January 4th at 4:30 pm.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tylenol Autism and ADHD

How Can Autism and ADHD Affect a Person’s Life?

Autism and ADHD are developmental disorders that can affect a person throughout their life by causing difficulties in speech, maintaining focus, learning, and more. Autism can affect the development of a child’s brain. Those living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can struggle with repetitive speech, maintaining interest in tasks, and using congruous facial expressions.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can affect a person’s attention and behavior. Those living with ADHD can be easily distracted, making it harder for them to pay attention in school and engage in conversations. This can lead to disorganization of thoughts and poor behavior, alienating them from people their age.

What Can Plaintiffs in the Tylenol Austim MDL Expect from a Settlement?

Plaintiffs in the Tylenol autism MDL can receive a settlement to pay for their economic and non-economic damages. Plaintiffs in mass tort lawsuits like MDLs can receive a global settlement that can pay for their specific damages.

The value of Tylenol autism settlements depends on how the MDL continues to develop. The Daubert hearings can go a long way in determining what type of case the plaintiffs have and if it would benefit the defendants to settle before the court.

Experts suggest that Tylenol autism plaintiffs can receive anywhere from $150,000 to $2 million from a global settlement. This number can fluctuate based on whether the Tylenol autism plaintiffs can find concrete evidence connecting prenatal Tylenol use to causing autism and ADHD in children.

How Can a Product Liability Lawyer Help With Your Tylenol Autism and ADHD Lawsuit?

Hiring a lawyer can help plaintiffs who wish to join the Tylenol autism MDL. A product liability lawyer can use their experience helping victims of dangerous products to assist with your Tylenol autism lawsuit. They will understand the process of joining an MDL and can help you file the proper paperwork.

An experienced product liability lawyer can also help you calculate damages, gather evidence, pool resources with other clients, and negotiate a fair settlement. Having an experienced product liability attorney in your corner can help with the complicated process of an MDL and help you recover compensation for autism or ADHD caused by Tylenol.

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