What Evidence Is There That Taco Bell Is False Advertising?

The Russo Firm represents plaintiff Frank Siragusa in his false advertising lawsuit against Taco Bell. He alleges that Taco Bell falsely advertises the amount of meat and other ingredients used in their Mexican Pizza and Crunchwrap Supreme menu items.

Side-by-side comparisons of Taco Bell advertisements and menu items ordered on location show half as much meat as there should be. Many food reviewers across the web have levied complaints against Taco Bell for a lack of meat and other ingredients in their food items.

Plaintiff Frank Siragusa pursues economic compensation for money lost ordering unsatisfactory items and injunctive relief to require Taco Bell to stop falsely advertising. If you feel deceived by false marketing from Taco Bell, contact The Russo Firm today for help filing a Taco Bell lawsuit.

Allegations of False Advertising Regarding Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

In July 2023, Plaintiff Frank Siragusa and his counsel filed a consumer class action lawsuit against Taco Bell in the Eastern District of New York. The issue involves falsely advertising the amount of meat and other ingredients found in Taco Bell items.

On September 22, 2023, the plaintiff went to a Taco Bell restaurant in Ridgewood, New York, after viewing online advertisements for their Mexican Pizza menu item. However, the item he received after paying $5.49 plus tax was different from what he saw in promotional material.

He found that the item contained half the amount of meat and beans that he was expecting. Other Taco Bell customers have complained about false advertising for menu items such as the Crunchwrap Supreme, Grande Crunchwrap, Vegan Crunchwrap, and Veggie Mexican Pizza.

Photographic Evidence Shows Lack of Filling in Taco Bell Items

In the lawsuit filing, the plaintiff provided photographic evidence proving false advertising of the above items. Screenshots from reviews posted by online food reviewers showed the lack of meat and other ingredients used in Mexican Pizzas and Crunchwap Supremes.

The plaintiff used these screenshots in side-to-side comparisons with the advertisements for each item. When shown right next to each other, it’s clear that Taco Bell provides far less meat and other ingredients than they show in promotional pictures.

The lawsuit filing mentions that Taco Bell uses uniform promotional pictures across the website, television commercials, and menu listings on delivery services. The plaintiff alleges that “Taco Bell materially overstates the amount of beef and/or ingredients contained in its advertisements for the Overstated Menu Items by at least double the amount.”

Fast Food Reviews Cite Lack of Meat in Taco Bell Items

The class action lawsuit filing cites many reviews online about Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza and Crunchwrap Supreme to show other dissatisfied customers. YouTube food reviewers Brennen Taylor and It’s Birdie posted reviews citing the lack of meat and other ingredients.

Written reviews also took issue with the lack of meat in Taco Bell menu items compared to advertisements. A review from The Sun found that the Mexican Pizza item was small compared to advertisements and lacked meat compared to their expectations.

Mashed.com posted an article, “Why Reddit Is Calling Out Taco Bell’s Skimpy Crunchwraps,” that encompasses online complaints about the lack of meat in Crunchwrap Supremes. Many consumers have given up on ordering Crunchwraps because of the disparity between the advertising and what the item looks like in reality.

How Does Taco Bell’s False Advertising Monetarily Affect Consumers?

The plaintiff believes this false advertising is“financially damaging to consumers as they are receiving a product that is materially lower in value than what is being promised.” Consumers could go to a restaurant that charges more fair prices or more accurately represents what they will get when ordering food.

Taco Bell’s false advertising economically damages consumers because “inflation, food, and meat prices are very high, and many consumers, especially lower-income consumers, are struggling financially.” The plaintiff is pursuing economic damages for failing to receive what he paid for when ordering from Taco Bell.

What Damages Does the Plaintiff Seek from His Taco Bell Lawsuit?

The plaintiff filed the Taco Bell class action lawsuit for himself and others who bought overstated items due to Taco Bell’s false advertising. He pursues compensation for damages because Taco Bell failed to meet the standards set by their promotional materials.

Plaintiffs in the Taco Bell class action lawsuit seek economic damages to pay them for money lost on unsatisfactory food items. They also seek statutory damages for as much as $50 per unit.

The lawsuit filing also mentions injunctive relief, when a court deems one party to change their behavior to prevent further litigation. In this case, the plaintiff wants Taco Bell to alter their advertisements to match what customers will receive at restaurant locations.

The Russo Firm Represents the Taco Bell Class Action Lawsuit Plaintiff

Founding partner of The Russo Firm, Anthony J. Russo Jr., is one of the lawyers representing plaintiff Frank Siragusa in his lawsuit against Taco Bell. He is also involved in four other fast food class action lawsuits involving Burger King, Arby’s, etc.

If you experienced a poor-quality meal from Taco Bell because of a lack of meat and other ingredients, you should hire a lawyer to help with the process. You need an attorney with experience holding fast-food companies accountable for false advertising.

That is what The Russo Firm can provide. Our fast food lawyers can help you determine the cost of your lawsuit, file the proper paperwork, collect evidence to prove the at-fault party’s liability and help you negotiate a fair settlement.

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