Staying Safe in Houston: Tips for Avoiding Catastrophic Car Accidents

Houston is the largest city in southwest Texas, a metropolis known for the Houston Space Center, NRG Stadium, and the Houston Zoo. While residents and tourists can enjoy their time with the tourist locations, fine dining, and nightlife, they must stay wary to avoid catastrophic car accidents.

Drivers in Houston who drive negligently, fail to maintain their vehicles, or don’t know where they’re going can cause car accidents. Victims of Houston car accidents can suffer traumatic injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and knee injuries, that can cause long-term pain and suffering.

A Houston driver can avoid a car accident by avoiding distractions, identifying a route before leaving, keeping their vehicle maintained, and following road rules. Houston car accident victims can file car accident claims to pursue compensation for damages from negligent parties.

Common Causes of Houston Car Accidents

Houston drivers can experience car accidents due to a myriad of issues, including driver error, car part malfunctions, poor road maintenance, and weather conditions. A Houston car accident can result in a victim experiencing blunt-force trauma that can cause severe injuries.

Some car accident injuries resulting from a Houston car accident include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), bone fractures, and facial injuries. These injuries from catastrophic accidents can cause long-term pain and suffering that affects a victim’s physical health and quality of life.

The following are some common causes of Houston car accidents:

Drivers in Houston can take steps to avoid car accidents. They should ensure that they drive safely and take the proper precautions before departing for their journey to avoid potential dangers that can cause catastrophic car accidents.

Do Not Engage in Reckless Driving Behavior

One of the most important factors for Texas drivers is to stay aware of how they drive. Preventing a Houston car accident can be as simple as taking the proper steps to avoid reckless driving behavior that can expose other Houston drivers to car accident risk.

Reckless driving behavior behind the wheel can happen when a driver loses focus, becomes frustrated by traffic flow, or is in a rush. Some reckless driving behavior you should avoid includes driving drunk, speeding, running red lights, and failing to use turn signals.

While you cannot control other drivers engaging in reckless driving behavior, you can ensure that you avoid this behavior to prevent putting other drivers at risk. Practice safe driving to put yourself in a position to avoid a catastrophic Houston car accident.

Avoid Distractions Behind the Wheel

One common negligent driving action that Houston drivers should avoid is distracted driving. Manual, visual, and cognitive distractions can take a driver’s focus away from safe driving, leading to a car accident.

Some distractions behind the wheel that can cause a Houston car accident include texting, eating, drinking, looking out the window, or thinking about work. By avoiding these distractions, a driver can focus on processing the information on the road.

Houston drivers who avoid distractions can pay closer attention to drivers changing into their lanes, unexpected obstacles, and abiding by traffic control signals. They can drive safely, see drivers not driving safely, and make proper maneuvers to avoid catastrophic car accidents.

Know Where You’re Going Before Departing for a Houston Car Ride

Before leaving for a Houston car ride, you should know where you’re going and what path you want to take. Many Houston drivers who cause car accidents do so by making a mistake because they don’t know where they should be going.

This can include making a wrong turn, taking too long to make a turn, and tailgating when looking at a GPS. A Houston driver who relies solely on a GPS may make mistakes when looking at the GPS that can cause a car accident.

Before leaving, Houston drivers should know what turns they have to make, what exits to use, and the streets they will drive on. By having an awareness of the route, a Houston driver can focus more on maintaining the speed limit, other drivers, and unknown obstacles.

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained to Avoid Breakdowns

Another step Houston drivers should take to avoid a catastrophic car accident is maintaining their vehicles. Houston drivers who keep their vehicles in good condition can avoid a breakdown that can cause a car accident.

When a car is not maintained properly, car parts like the ignition, braking system, tires, and drive belt can stop working. This can lead to a Houston driver losing control of their vehicle and crashing into another driver.

Drivers should have minor car maintenance every six months and major car maintenance every year. They should also regularly have their oil and tires checked to prevent their car from breaking down while driving.

Know Texas Driving Laws to Avoid Causing a Houston Car Accident

Each state has its rules and guidelines for drivers to follow the law and avoid behavior that can cause a car accident. Houston drivers should know Texas road laws to ensure they do not make mistakes that can cause catastrophic car accidents.

Some Texas laws are apparent, such as not driving while intoxicated, speeding above the speed limit, or aggressively striking other drivers. However, a comprehensive understanding of road rules can make it easier for a Houston driver to avoid reckless driving.

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