What Texas Cities See the Most Car Accidents?

Texas residents and visitors must avoid catastrophic car accidents resulting in severe injuries, such as spinal cord, facial, and shoulder injuries. Common causes of Texas car accidents include negligent driving behavior, defective car parts, and poor road design.

A recent car accident data analysis from Forbes found that two Texas cities rank in the top ten of the most dangerous cities in the US for car accidents: Dallas and Houston. Fort Worth and San Antonio also rank highly as Texas cities with a high volume of car accidents.

If you suffered a Texas car accident, you could file a Texas car accident claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company to pursue economic and non-economic damages. Texas car accident lawyers, like the ones at The Russo Firm, can assist with the claims process to help you recover fair compensatory damages.

Common Cause of Texas Car Accidents

Several factors can contribute to a Texas car accident. They almost always result from the negligence of one party who owed a duty of care but failed to uphold it. This can include car part manufacturers that sell defective parts, road maintenance crews that fail to maintain safe roads, and drivers who engage in reckless driving behavior.

Texas drivers are most likely responsible for a car accident, as reckless behavior commonly causes car accidents across the US. Negligent and reckless drivers can expose others on the road to car accident injury risk as they breach duty of care and break common road rules to keep drivers safe.

The following are some common causes of car accidents in Texas:

Car Accidents Most Commonly Occur in Dallas

Forbes recently published a study based on car accident fatality rates determining the cities most dangerous for US drivers. Two Texas cities ranked in the top ten, with Dallas ranking as tied for first with Atlanta as the most dangerous car accident city in the nation.

Car accidents commonly occur in Dallas because of negligent drivers and the design of the roads. It’s a highly populated city, meaning there are more people on the road and more chances for someone to make a mistake behind the wheel that causes a car accident.

The city also has two of the most dangerous highways in the US running through it: Interstate 20 and Interstate 35. These highways run through high-traffic areas, with many reckless drivers making errors behind the wheel and causing a large number of severe car accidents.

Houston is One of the Most Dangerous Cities in the US for Car Accidents

The other Texas city that ranks as one of the most dangerous cities in the US for car accidents is Houston. The large metropolis contains many tourist attractions, such as the Space Center Houston, the Houston Grand Opera, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

While people may come to Houston to enjoy these locations and the beautiful delights offered by the South Texas city, there are dangers on the road that can cause car accidents. Drivers can make errors behind the wheel that can expose others to severe car accident injury risk.

Houston is a bustling metropolis that is still in development. There is constant road work to fix poor road construction, expand lanes of traffic, and create highway connector ramps. While this road work will help long-term, drivers not prepared for lane closures and construction may make errors when arriving at construction, causing reckless mistakes that can result in a car accident.

Texas Car Accidents Occur Regularly in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is another Texas city where car accidents can happen regularly. It ranked as the 15th most dangerous city in the US in a recent Forbes study. It’s the 13th most populous city in the United States, with over one million residents and 10 million yearly visitors.

This large amount of people and drivers in Fort Worth can lead to congested traffic, resulting in negligent driving behavior that can cause car accidents. There are also environmental conditions, such as poor visibility, slippery roads, and high winds, that can contribute to the high number of car accidents.

Drivers must be careful when approaching some of Fort Worth’s most dangerous intersections to avoid intersection crashes. Fort Worth drivers can cause car accidents there by running red lights, speeding, and failing to observe the right of way.

The following are some of the most dangerous intersections in Fort Worth:

  • East Lancaster Avenue and Riverside Drive
  • McCart Avenue at Interstate 20
  • North Freeway (I-35W) and Meacham Boulevard
  • Texas 360 at Texas 183
  • South Sargent Street and East Lancaster Avenue

San Antonio is a Dangerous City for Drivers and Pedestrians

San Antonio is a south-central Texas city known for its colonial heritage, historical museums, and culinary options. Car accidents can occur here for the same reasons as in other Texas cities: reckless driving behavior, congested traffic, and poor road designs.

However, what separates the danger of driving in San Antonio from other Texas cities is the number of pedestrian accidents. According to San Antonio’s Vision Zero program, over 4,000 pedestrian crashes have occurred over the last five years.

Busy intersections like Walzem and Raybon, Culebra and Zarzamora, and Nacogdoches & Thousand Oaks can account for the high pedestrian accident numbers. Drivers may not notice pedestrians when reaching the intersections and drive straight into them. Pedestrian accidents can expose pedestrians and drivers to significant injury risk.

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