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How Can Whiplash Affect Your Life Long-Term?


  • Whiplash is a motor vehicle accident injury that results from violent shaking during a collision
  • It can cause chronic pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and arms
  • Those who suffer from whiplash can suffer from cognitive difficulties, such as memory issues, problems concentrating, and lack of focus
  • Car accident victims who suffer whiplash may experience negative emotional issues like depression and anxiety

During personal injury accidents like car and truck accidents, victims can suffer whiplash. This is when the neck and head shake violently due to the impact of a collision. This type of injury can affect the neck, shoulders, back, and arms. Victims of whiplash can experience significant health issues that can affect them long-term.

Some health problems victims of whiplash can suffer include chronic pain, memory problems, difficulty with vision, severe headaches, jaw pain, difficulty concentrating, depression, and anxiety. Victims of whiplash can file a civil claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company to pursue compensation for damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a type of severe injury that victims of car and truck accidents can suffer. During the impact of a collision, the head and neck can shake violently. This impact on the neck can cause a whiplash injury that can cause pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, and back.

The following are some whiplash victims that motor vehicle victims can experience:

  • Neck pain
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Chronic headaches
  • Reduced mobility in the neck
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Arm numbness

After a car accident that causes whiplash, victims should seek medical attention. Going to the hospital can help with your whiplash injury, as a medical professional can diagnose and treat your significant injury. Failing to treat a whiplash injury can lead to severe long-term health impacts that can affect someone physically, cognitively, and emotionally.

Whiplash Can Cause Chronic Pain for Personal Injury Victims

One potential long-term health impact of a whiplash injury is chronic pain. This car accident injury can cause damage to the neck, shoulders, back, and arms that can cause pain for months after the accident.

Whenever someone uses one of these injured body parts, they may experience shooting pain that can make their life much harder. Car accident victims who suffer whiplash may also experience chronic headaches. These headaches can reoccur every day or a couple of days and result in severe pain and suffering.

The Negative Cognitive Effects of Suffering from Whiplash

A whiplash injury can also affect the brain and alter a person’s cognitive functionality. Whiplash can have negative effects on the way someone thinks and reduce their ability to problem solve like they could before the injury. A long-term impact of a whiplash injury is memory problems, with people struggling to remember things they easily could before.

Whiplash victims can also struggle with concentration, with the effect of the injury on the brain leading to difficulties maintaining focus. Car accident victims who suffer whiplash due to a rear-end collision can also experience blurred vision, tinnitus, and problems sleeping properly.

How Can Whiplash Cause Emotional and Psychological Effects?

Whiplash from a car accident can also affect someone psychologically. In the aftermath of a car accident, victims can experience emotional and mental issues due to the trauma. Having to live with the pain caused by a car accident, as well as seeing visions and nightmares of the traumatic accident, can affect how someone views themself and their lives.

The physical impact of a whiplash injury can also cause psychological damage. A car accident victim may not be able to function physically as they had before, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and general emotional malaise. Living with the physical pain of a whiplash injury can reduce someone’s quality of life and negatively affect their mental health.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Whiplash

How Can a Motor Vehicle Accident Cause Whiplash?

Car and truck accidents can cause a whiplash injury because of the way motor vehicle impact can cause the body to shake. When your vehicle is struck by another one, your body can move because of the impact.

For example, a head-on collision can cause another vehicle to come into direct contact with the front of your car. The impact of this crash can lead to a driver’s or passenger’s body shaking. During this harmful and violent shaking, a car accident victim can sustain a whiplash injury that affects their health long-term.

What Damages Can You Pursue for Suffering from Whiplash?

Victims of motor vehicle accidents that result in whiplash can file a civil claim to pursue compensation for damages. A motor vehicle accident can result in economic damages that affect their financial situation by causing a severe injury (like whiplash) that requires significant medical expenses or can affect their ability to work.

They can also affect someone’s mental health and quality of life, leading to non-economic damages. These are intangible losses that affect how a person’s life changes after suffering whiplash from a motor vehicle accident.

The following are some damages you can pursue after suffering whiplash from a motor vehicle accident:

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer After Suffering from Whiplash?

Hiring a car accident lawyer after suffering whiplash can help with the process of pursuing compensation for damages. They can use their experience and expertise to help you calculate damages, collect evidence, and file the necessary paperwork for a successful claim.

They will have worked with other clients who suffered whiplash and can use their experience to put you in the best position to recover compensation for damages. An experienced car accident attorney can also negotiate a fair settlement with an insurance company trying to limit your settlement to ensure you recover full compensation for your damages.

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