Taco Bell In The News: False Advertising Lawsuit

The fast food lawyers at The Russo Firm represent plaintiff Frank Siragusa in his false advertising lawsuit against Taco Bell. Mr. Siragusa ordered a Mexican Pizza menu item at a Ridgewood, New York, location in September 2022 but received less meat than advertised.

Taco Bell’s marketing, such as commercials, images on their website, menu ordering platforms, and item listings on food delivery apps, have grossly overestimated the contents of their menu items. Mexican Pizza and Crunchwrap Supreme items contain less than half of what is promised in promotional pictures.

Plaintiff Frank Siragusa filed a class action complaint on behalf of himself and other customers who received unsatisfactory portions from Taco Bell. The Russo Firm can also help you file a Taco Bell lawsuit to recover economic damages for money lost ordering falsely advertised food.

Why is Taco Bell Being Sued for False Advertising?

The Taco Bell class action lawsuit filed in July 2023 concerns Taco Bell’s false advertising. Plaintiff Frank Siragusa of New York filed the class action lawsuit for himself and similarly situated individuals who ordered falsely advertised menu items from Taco Bell in New York from July 31st, 2020, to the date of filing.

The plaintiff alleges deceptive trade practices for their false advertising of the amount of meat and other ingredients contained in some menu items. Promotional pictures found in commercials, on their website, menu ordering panels, and food delivery services vastly overstate the amount of meat found in items.

This false advertising overstates the quantity of meat and other items by double what is actually present. Plaintiff Frank Siragusa and his lawyers allege that Taco Bell’s false advertising is “unfair and financially damaging to consumers as they are receiving a product that is materially lower in value than what is being promised.”

What Menu Items Were Overstated By Taco Bell’s Marketing?

Mr. Siragusa noted an issue he encountered during a September 2022 visit to a Taco Bell location. He went to a Taco Bell in Ridgewood, New York, and ordered a Mexican Pizza for $5.49 plus tax. However, the menu item contained less meat than advertised.

Before purchasing the item, the plaintiff viewed advertisements on the internet and at the store location. When he received his Mexican Pizza, he was disappointed that the item contained far less meat and beans than he saw in promotional marketing.

Based on photos posted online by other customers, the plaintiff suggests consumers are losing out on half of the meat and other ingredients advertised. For this reason, he filed a class action lawsuit to hold Taco Bell accountable for benefiting financially from false advertising.

The following are the falsely advertised Taco Bell menu items mentioned in the lawsuit filing:

  • Crunchwrap Supreme
  • Grande Crunchwrap
  • Vegan Crunchwrap
  • Mexican Pizza
  • Veggie Mexican Pizza

How Does Taco Bell’s False Advertising Affect Other Restaurants?

Consumers of Taco Bell have paid a “premium for Defendant’s Overstated Menu items when they otherwise would not have.” False advertising that leads consumers to Taco Bell can affect other restaurants that accurately portray their food in marketing.

They do not artificially inflate expectations of their menu items to drive customers to their restaurants. A fast food chain like Taco Bell, which will always have large consumer interest based on its status as a popular fast food chain, can affect the business of local restaurants.

These smaller restaurants may not have the marketing strength of a national brand, so Taco Bell’s false advertising can hurt their business and take customers away. Consumers go to Taco Bell based on false promises and spend money based on marketing deception.

What Relief Does the Taco Bell Class Action Plaintiff Seek?

The plaintiff requests relief towards the bottom of the class action lawsuit filing. These things the plaintiff wants have to do with damages they can recover, classification requested for the class action, and other relevant relief required.

The following are some things the plaintiff requests from the court regarding the Taco Bell class action lawsuit:

  • Certifying the Class, with the plaintiff as representative and their legal representation as counsel
  • Requiring the defendant be financially responsible for notifying all members of the Class of the “alleged misrepresentations and omissions set forth herein”
  • Compensatory and statutory damages proved at trial
  • Injunctive relief that requires the defendant to change advertisements to make them more accurate
  • “Awarding interest on the monies wrongfully obtained from the date of collection through the date of entry of judgment in this action”
  • Economic damages for attorneys’ fees, expenses, and recoverable costs incurred from the process of the class action lawsuit

The Russo Firm Represents the Taco Bell Class Action Lawsuit Plaintiff

One of the founders of The Russo Firm, Anthony J. Russo Jr., represents plaintiff Frank Siragusa in his false advertising class action lawsuit against Taco Bell. The Russo Firm is also involved in other class actions against fast food companies like Arby’s, Burger King, etc.

Those who buy food from a fast food restaurant like Taco Bell and do not get what they pay for can file a lawsuit to pursue compensation for damages. Hiring a lawyer can help with the class action lawsuit process, as they can use their expertise to advise you on the best steps to take.

At The Russo Firm, our fast food lawyer can assist with calculating damages, gathering evidence to prove the fast food company’s liability, filing paperwork, and negotiating a fair settlement. Contact us today to see how we can help with your Taco Bell lawsuit.

Contact The Russo Firm for Help With Your Taco Bell Lawsuit

The fast food lawyers at The Russo Firm can help you pursue compensation for false advertising by Taco Bell, Arby’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King. Our attorneys have decades of experience with class action lawsuits and can use recent fast-food litigation expertise to help explain what steps you should take.

One of The Russo Firm’s founding partners, Anthony J. Russo Jr., has specific experience handling fast-food lawsuits. If you paid large prices for a meal that did not meet the standards set by advertising, contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help with your lawsuit at (561) 270-0913 or leave a message on our online contact page.

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