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What is the Ozempic Controversy?

Summary:  Ozempic is a weight loss drug that can help control blood sugar levels The medication is controversial because scientific studies have connected Ozempic to gastroparesis Those who suffered from gastroparesis after using Ozempic can file a product liability lawsuit to pursue compensation for damages Plaintiffs allege that Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of Ozempic, failed to disclose that the drug can cause gastroparesis in marketing

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How does Suboxone Cause Tooth Decay - The Russo Firm

How Does Suboxone Cause Tooth Decay?

Summary: Suboxone is a sublingual strip that can help those struggling with opioid addiction by reducing cravings and helping with withdrawal symptoms Recent scientific studies have found that Suboxone can cause dental problems like tooth decay, infections, and dry mouth Suboxone can cause tooth decay because the strips of film are as acidic as vinegar The toxic strips of Suboxone can damage tooth enamel and

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What Defective Drugs Can Cause Serious Health Problems - The Russo Firm

What Defective Drugs Can Cause Serious Health Problems?

Defective drugs are medication and other products you can purchase to treat a medical issue that causes other problems. They may work in healing what you were looking to treat, but defective drugs can cause other medical conditions worse than what you were trying to treat. For example, Zantac is an over-the-counter drug used to help with heartburn but has been connected to various forms

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