Hershey Reese’s Lawsuit in the News


  • Attorney Anthony J. Russo and Cynthia Kelly filed a class action lawsuit against Hershey for false advertising their Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter products
  • Hershey falsely advertised the shape and design of their holiday-themed Reese’s products
  • Cynthia Kelly seeks at least $5 million in economic damages for buying products she would not have otherwise purchased

The leading attorney of The Russo Firm, Anthony J. Russo, has helped those who wasted money on falsely advertised food items pursue compensation for damages through class action lawsuits. The most recent class action lawsuit filed for food consumers has been against Hershey Reese’s for falsely advertising their Halloween and Christmas products.

While many consumers have purchased these products expecting chocolate shaped like pumpkins and snowmen, they have received blobs of chocolate that do not look like the products marketed by Hershey. A class action lawsuit has been filed in Florida to hold Hershey accountable for falsely advertising the shape of their peanut butter and chocolate products.

Reese’s False Advertising Lawsuit Makes a Splash in the News

After Athony Russo Jr and James C Kelly, partners at The Russo Firm, filed a lawsuit against The Hershey Company in December 2023 it has made a huge splash in the news. Media outlets including People magazine, Forbes, CNN, USA Today, NPR, Reuters, and so many more have covered the story. Here is a look at some of those.

What Reese’s Allegations Mean For Product Presentation from Forbes

Forbes calls the case a ‘unique lawsuit’ as we sue Hershey’s for $5 million over Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup packaging. This case highlights the growing scrutiny over marketing practices in competitive markets. The lawsuit gains traction with similar grievances from others, including YouTubers, and cites more alleged Reese’s packaging misrepresentations. Hershey’s has yet to respond.

Woman Sues Hershey’s for $5 Million over ‘Deceptive’ Reese’s Halloween Pumpkins Without Faces from People

People magazine set out to cover the $5 million lawsuit against Hershey. They mention “[The plaintiff] says products like Halloween Pumpkins and other seasonal treats depict “explicit carved out artistic designs” on the packaging, but the actual candy lacks these details.” This is a case of a company getting away with “false and deceptive advertising” to trick consumers into buying their products.

Hershey sued for $5M over missing ‘cute’ face on Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins from NPR

NPR recently covered the Reese’s lawsuit on their show “All Things Considered” give it a listen below.

Florida woman sues Hershey over Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins packaging not being ‘cute’ from USA Today

Here’s what USA Today had to say about the lawsuit. The lawsuit by Cynthia Kelly against Hershey’s for $5 million over Reese’s packaging focuses on the discrepancy between the product’s holiday-themed designs on the packaging and the actual candy. Unique to this coverage, the lawsuit includes several holiday-themed Reese’s products, like pumpkins, ghosts, and footballs, with photos highlighting the differences. It also notes that Hershey’s packaging in the past matched the product more accurately, a detail not commonly reported. Hershey’s has not commented on the lawsuit.

Hershey Reese’s Falsely Advertised the Shape of Their Holiday Chocolate Products from CNN

Here is CNN’s unique take on the news. Recently, attorney Anthony J. Russo has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of customers who purchased Hershey Reese’s holiday chocolate and did not receive the shape of the item they thought they would. The issue first arose with Cynthia Kelly, a Florida resident who purchased Halloween-themed candy at an Aldi location for $4.49.

However, the bag of chocolate she purchased was not Halloween-themed at all and did not look like a pumpkin as she had anticipated. Mrs. Kelly would not have purchased the item if she did not believe they would look like pumpkins. She joined with Anthony Russo to file a class action lawsuit against Hershey for false advertising their Reese’s holiday-themed chocolate treats.

Cynthia Kelly Seeks $5 Million in Damages from NBC News

NBC News focused on the following. Mrs. Kelly seeks damages for false advertising, much like other plaintiffs have in fast food class actions that involve restaurants misleading consumers. In the federal class action lawsuit filing, the plaintiff mentions that she seeks at least $5 million in damages from Hershey.

She believes that Hershey misled consumers about the shape and design of Reese’s Halloween chocolate products. The Halloween-themed products are not the only ones that have come under fire for false advertising. Many other consumers have complained about their Christmas, football, and other themed chocolate treats.

The following are the falsely advertised Hershey Reese’s products mentioned in the class action lawsuit filing:

  • White Pumpkins
  • Peanut Butter Pumpkins
  • Peanut Butter and White Ghost
  • Pieces Pumpkins
  • Peanut Butter Footballs
  • Peanut Butter Shapes Assortment Snowmen Stockings Bells

Online Reviewers Back Up Allegation of False Advertising of Hershey Reese’s from The Washington Post

Here is what the Washington Post had to say about the Hershey lawsuit. Cynthia Kelly is not the only person to notably complain about false advertising from Hershey. Online reviewers of Hershey Reese’s products have complained about discrepancies between advertisements and reality. YouTube reviews have called into question why the products are just chocolate and peanut butter when the packaging shows a much more in-depth design.

Social media users have shown comparisons between what the packaging promises and the plain chocolate product they received. The Hershey Reese’s class action lawsuit seeks to hold the manufacturer accountable for misleading customers into purchasing a product that does not reflect how they’ve marketed it.

Lawyer Anthony Russo Attempts to Hold Hershey Accountable for False Advertising from The Sun Sentinel

The Florida paper The Sun Sentinel mentioned the following: Lawyer Anthony Russo has helped Mrs. Kelly file this class action lawsuit for false advertising of Reese’s products. He believes many consumers would not have purchased holiday-themed treats if they realized the actual chocolate and peanut butter products would not adhere to that theme.

Mr. Russo has said in the past that he believes this lawsuit is about holding a powerful company like Hershey accountable for what it promises. Large corporations owe it to consumers to follow what they advertise through packaging, online ads, and other marketing materials. Anthony Russo has also helped customers who bought falsely advertised fast food products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Hershey Reese’s Lawsuit

Who Can Be Included in the Hershey Reese’s Class Action Lawsuit?

The Hershey Reese’s class action lawsuit has been filed in Florida. Any consumers in Florida who purchased Reese’s products expecting certain designs but did not receive them can benefit from the mass tort.

Some products included in the class action include Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins, Pieces Pumpkins, and Peanut Butter Footballs. Customers in Florida who bought these items but did not receive what marketing intended can join the class action and recover compensation from a future settlement.

How Do Other Food-Related Lawsuits Affect The Hershey Reese’s Case?

The Russo Firm is involved in many other class actions that have to do with false advertising of food products. Many fast food restaurants, such as Burger King, Arby’s, and McDonald’s falsely advertise their food, manipulating things like the size and quality of certain menu items.

These are similar to the Hershey Reese’s class action lawsuit, as each concerns major food companies failing to meet the expectations of their marketing. If the fast food class actions succeed, that could help plaintiffs in the Hershey Reese’s class action due to the similarity of allegations between the lawsuits.

Why Do You Need a Class Action Lawyer to Help With Your Hershey Reese’s Lawsuit?

Those who wish to get involved in Hershey Reese’s class action lawsuit should hire a lawyer with class action and mass tort experience. They likely do not have the proper expertise to understand how to properly handle the lawsuit process, which could lead to errors that affect a consumer’s ability to recover compensation for false advertising.

Class action lawyers, like the ones at The Russo Firm, can use their experience with handling consolidated lawsuits and negotiating settlements to help plaintiffs succeed in recovering fair compensatory damages. A consumer’s best chance of recovering economic damages for Heshey’s false advertising is with an experienced class action attorney.


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