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Hershey Reese's Lawsuit in the News - The Russo Firm

Hershey Reese’s Lawsuit in the News

Summary Attorney Anthony J. Russo and Cynthia Kelly filed a class action lawsuit against Hershey for false advertising their Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter products Hershey falsely advertised the shape and design of their holiday-themed Reese’s products Cynthia Kelly seeks at least $5 million in economic damages for buying products she would not have otherwise purchased The leading attorney of The Russo Firm, Anthony J.

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Who is Eligible for the AFFF Lawsuit?

Summary: People are filing AFFF firefighting foam lawsuits due to medical conditions caused by exposure to PFAS Some occupations that can involve exposure to PFAS through AFFF include firefighters, military workers, airline personnel, etc. People who suffer severe medical conditions, such as thyroid, bladder, testicular, and breast cancer, can join the AFFF lawsuit Those joining the AFFF lawsuit must prove they suffered from adverse medical

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Why Has Baby Formula Been Recalled - The Russo Firm

Why Has Baby Formula Been Recalled?

Summary: Enfamil baby formula products were recalled due to contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii Cronobacter sakazakii is a rare and dangerous bacteria that can cause sepsis and meningitis in infants Similac baby formula products were recalled in 2022 for causing infant deaths through exposure to Cronobacter sakazakii Liquid formula is safer and more sterile than powder-based baby formula Reckitt Benckiser, one of the largest manufacturers of

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How Did Burger King’s Whooper Advertisements Change?

Burger King customers have recently joined together in a class action lawsuit against the fast food company, alleging they falsely advertised their Whopper menu item. The Whopper is one of the most iconic fast food burgers available for customers, but Burger King has been accused of falsely advertising the size of the burger. Advertisements on television, online, in stores, and on food delivery applications show

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What Menu Items Did Arby’s Falsely Advertise?

Recently, many fast food companies have been subject to class action lawsuits for falsely advertising their menu items in commercials, online advertisements, menu listings, and food delivery applications. One of those companies is Arby’s, who have falsely advertised the quality and quantity of the roast beef in their sandwiches. The initial plaintiff that began the lawsuit was a New York customer named Joseph Alongis, who

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mcdonalds meal with fries drink and hamburger - the russo firm

McDonald’s False Advertising Lawsuit: A Deep Dive into the Controversy

Article Summary: Over the past few years, major fast-food chains, including McDonald’s, have faced a surge in false advertising lawsuits, with consumers alleging discrepancies between advertised products and actual items. Between 2020 and 2022, over 200 class action lawsuits related to false advertising in food products were filed, highlighting growing consumer distrust. McDonald’s is accused of misrepresenting the size of their hamburger patties and toppings,

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wendys sign - wendys false advertising class action lawsuit - the russo firm

Wendy’s Class Action Lawsuit

Article Summary Wendy’s faces a class-action lawsuit for allegedly falsely advertising the size and quality of its burgers, using techniques to make them appear larger and more appealing in ads. The lawsuit claims Wendy’s uses undercooked beef patties, food stylists, and digital editing to enhance burger appearance, with burgers in ads being at least 15% larger than in reality. Other fast-food chains like Burger King,

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FAQs about Class Action Lawsuits in the US

In certain situations, a company or person is liable for injuring or causing a medical condition for multiple people. In this case, all of these victims can work together to file a class action lawsuit rather than file similar individual personal injury claims. Class action lawsuits involve multiple people filing a consolidated lawsuit against one defendant to hold them accountable for negligence that led to

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What Will Happen If Fast Food Class Action Lawsuits Are Successful?

Many dissatisfied fast food customers, such as those of Taco Bell, Burger King, and Arby’s, have filed class action lawsuits. The reason for these fast food class action lawsuits is false advertising, with plaintiffs suggesting these companies overstate the sizes of their food items. Plaintiffs suggest that photos and videos used to market several menu items at these establishments exaggerated the item’s size. These glossy

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3M Company Agrees to $6 Billion Settlement for US Military Earplug Lawsuit

3M Company and Aearo Technologies, the companies responsible for the defective US military earplugs, have agreed to a $6.01 billion settlement to pay for plaintiffs who had hearing loss. About 240,000 plaintiffs are expected to receive compensation until 2029. Those who used 3M Combat Arms Earplugs (Version 2 – CAEv2) between 2003 and 2015 may be entitled to this new settlement. This product had a

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