How Does Revlon’s Bankruptcy Affect Hair Relaxer Lawsuits?

Many manufacturers of hair relaxers, such as L’Oreal, Namaste Laboratories, and Strength of Nature, have been named as defendants in hair relaxer lawsuits. One such hair relaxer manufacturer and distributor not named in hair relaxer litigation is Revlon because they filed for bankruptcy prior to plaintiffs filing hair relaxer lawsuits.

Many Revlon hair relaxer products, such as Crème of Nature, Herba Rich, and Revlon Professional, have caused hormone-sensitive health issues like uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, and ovarian cancer. Since Revlon filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, hair relaxer victims cannot hold them accountable for damages caused by their products.

However, the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee (PSC) representing the plaintiffs in the hair relaxer multi-district litigation (MDL) has filed a claim with Revlon to account for damages in the company’s bankruptcy reorganization plan.

Hair Relaxer Manufacturers Held Liable for Causing Adverse Health Conditions

Recent scientific studies suggest that women who use hair relaxers consistently can expose themselves to hormone-sensitive health issues. The National Institute of Health (NIH) released a study in October 2022 that analyzed data from the Sister Study, which collected information from over 50,000 women yearly about their hair product use and health status. The NIH study revealed that women who use hair relaxers at least four times a year double their risk of suffering uterine cancer.

Hair relaxers cause hormone-sensitive health issues, such as uterine fibroids, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer, because of the endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that help to straighten hair. These toxic chemicals can lead to hormone imbalance exposing a woman to hormone-sensitive health issues.

Manufacturers of hair relaxers failed to warn consumers about the dangerous chemicals in the products that can cause long-term health complications. Women have filed hair relaxer lawsuits to hold liable parties like L’Oreal, Strength of Nature, and Namaste Laboratories accountable for the damages caused by their dangerous products.

What Revlon Products Caused Hormone-Sensitive Health Issues?

One of the manufacturers whose dangerous hair relaxer products caused hormone-sensitive health issues is Revlon. It is one of the largest cosmetic and hair care product manufacturers in the world, known for its makeup, skin care products, and hair relaxers.

Despite Revlon’s standing as one of the biggest personal care product manufacturers, it has had problems regarding its hair relaxer products. Much like other manufacturers, its hair relaxer products contain EDCs that can expose women to hormone-sensitive health issues. Many women with uterine cancer and other health problems from hair relaxers have mentioned Revlon products as causing their health conditions.

The following are the Revlon hair relaxer products that can cause hormone-sensitive health issues:

  • Fabulaxer
  • Crème of Nature
  • African Pride
  • Revlon Professional
  • Herba Rich
  • Revlon Realistic
  • All Ways Natural Relaxer

Revlon Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Before Hair Relaxer Litigation Began

Revlon filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy before hair relaxer litigation began. In 2022, Revlon operated its business under tremendous debt, with an estimated $3.5 billion in debt from shipping costs and supply chain issues. Revlon purchased their competitor Elizabeth Darden in 2016 in an attempt to reduce competition, but their sales have fallen in the years since.

Their sales have plummeted because their competition has invested in improving supply chains while Revlon has failed to do so. Filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy allowed Revlon time to come up with a reorganization plan that was supported by major creditors and approved by a United States judge. This plan would allow them to clear $2.7 million of their outstanding debt.

Hair Relaxer Plaintiffs Cannot Sue Revlon For Damages

After a company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it cannot be subject to personal injury lawsuits. Hair relaxer plaintiffs could not name Revlon as a defendant when the lawsuits started getting filed because the company had already filed for bankruptcy.

Revlon did not have the necessary assets to pay for settlements, but that does not mean they can escape liability for their negligence. They did cause damage to consumers through hair relaxers with dangerous chemicals that they could be liable for.

The Plaintiff’s Steering Committee Filed a Claim With Revlon

Despite Revlon filing for bankruptcy, the plaintiffs in the hair relaxer multi-district litigation (MDL) could still recover compensation for damages caused by Revlon products. The Plaintiff’s Steering Committee (PSC) is a group of attorneys representing the plaintiffs in consolidated lawsuits.

The PSC representing hair relaxer lawsuit plaintiffs filed a claim with Revlon that required the company to account for hair relaxer lawsuit plaintiffs’ damages in any bankruptcy reorganization plan. In the reorganization plan presented and approved by a US judge, Revlon carved out up to $44 million to pay hair relaxer victims for damages caused by EDCs in their products.

Should You Hire a Product Liability Lawyer to Help You Hold Revlon Liable for Damages?

Holding Revlon accountable for damages before they settle on a bankruptcy reorganization plan will be challenging, but a product liability lawyer can help you get involved in the hair relaxer MDL. Hair relaxer victims can suffer significant damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life, that a product liability lawyer can help you pursue with your lawsuit.

Getting involved in MDLs can be confusing, but a product liability lawyer can walk you through the process of filing directly to join the MDL. Once involved in the MDL, they can pool resources with other lawyers to help prove the defendants’ liability and help put you in a position to recover compensation from a global settlement. Your best chance of recovering compensatory damages from a hair relaxer lawsuit is by hiring a product liability lawyer.

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