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  • An Uber accident can result from negligent driving, such as speeding, road rage, and drunk driving
  • Victims of an accident from Uber can suffer severe injuries, such as whiplash, broken bones, and back and neck injuries
  • Uber has liability auto insurance that can cover up to $50,000 for passengers involved in Uber accidents
  • Victims of accidents caused by Uber cannot hold Uber accountable for reckless driving from drivers because they are independent contractors, not employees
  • A victim of an accident caused while in an Uber can file a civil lawsuit with the liable party’s insurer to pursue payment for medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life

Uber is a rideshare application that allows drivers without access to a vehicle or public transportation to order a ride from a driver registered on the application. Uber was the first application of its kind and revolutionized how people could travel. However, those who order Uber rides can still suffer from severe injuries during accidents.

People who order Uber rides can suffer physical harm from an accident that causes a traumatic brain injury (TBI), broken bone, or spinal cord injury. An Uber driver, a driver of another vehicle, or a car part manufacturer can share liability for Uber accident losses. An adept Uber accident attorney can help you sort through liability and pursue compensation for damages.

Why Choose The Russo Firm for Help With Your Uber Accident Claim

The Russo Firm employs car accident lawyers with years of experience handling claims with drivers and passengers that result in severe car accident injuries. Uber and other rideshare services are new developments since the 2010s, and our lawyers have worked with those who suffered injuries caused by Uber drivers.

Our experienced rideshare accident lawyers can help explain how car accident laws in your state affect your claim. They can explain what steps to take to put you in the best position to recover compensation for damages in an Uber accident claim. Our car accident lawyers can also explain what parties can share liability and be held responsible for your damages.

At The Russo Firm, we offer free consultations to allow our rideshare attorneys to explain how they can put you in the best position for success with your Uber accident claim. Contact our law offices today to see how our vastly experienced car accident lawyers can assist you in pursuing fair compensatory damages.

The Russo Firm’s Proven Track Record of Earning Compensation for Car Accident Victims

The lawyers at The Russo Firm have a history of helping clients earn fair compensation for damages. Our Uber accident attorneys can use their expertise earned through handling other Uber accident claims to help you recover compensatory damages to pay for losses caused by an accident caused while in an  Uber.

Our law firm has helped victims of personal injury accidents recover compensation for their injuries and damages for decades. They use their expertise in personal injury law, evidence collection, and settlement negotiation to assist in earning clients payment for their losses.

The following are some case results our personal injury attorneys have earned for clients:

What Can Cause an Uber Accident?

Uber accidents can result from the same behavior that can cause car accidents. They are ordinarily caused by negligent driving behavior from Uber drivers or other motor vehicle motorists. Negligent driving behavior is when a driver breaks road rules that can expose other drivers to significant bodily harm. This can include drunk, driving, and distracted driving.

An accident from an Uber can also happen out of no fault of a driver. A defective car part can lead to a driver to losing control of their car and crashing into another driver. These accidents can also happen because of poor road conditions.

Severe Injuries Resulting from an Uber Accident

Victims of Uber accidents can sustain injuries from blunt force trauma during the accident. Direct blows from other vehicles or heavy objects can damage a victim’s bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

They can experience car accident injuries that cause significant symptoms, such as physical pain, reduced body part functionality, bleeding, swelling, and bruising. Injuries caused from an accident while in an Uber can have long-term impacts that cause someone to experience negative effects on their health, quality of life, and psychological well-being for months and years after the accident.

The following are some injuries that can result from an Uber accident:

Does Uber’s Insurance Cover Passengers for Damages?

Car insurance can pay for some damages caused by an auto accident. Drivers must purchase auto insurance to help cover the financial cost of a car accident and help prevent financial ruin from car collision damages.

Uber has liability auto insurance that can help pay for damages caused by an accident in an Uber. The company’s auto insurance policy can cover up to $50,000 worth of financial damages caused by an accident. However, this will likely not cover the full cost of a victim’s damages, possibly requiring them to file a civil claim with the liable party’s insurer.

Liability for an Uber Accident Causing Damages to a Rider

The most likely liable parties in car accidents are drivers who engage in negligent driving behavior. This can include the Uber driver or another driver who engages in reckless driving behavior. Drivers who fail to follow road rules and cause accidents through aggressive driving can be held liable for damages they cause through negligence.

Motorists aren’t the sole parties that can share responsibility for Uber accidents. Passengers who suffer damages during an accident can also file a civil claim with a car part designer, manufacturer, or seller who is responsible for a defective car part causing an accident.

The one obvious party who is likely not to be able to be held liable for an accident claim is Uber itself. Uber drivers are not employees of the rideshare company, so they rarely have to bear responsibility for their reckless actions that cause accidents and severe injuries.

What Should You Do After an Uber Accident?

Following a car accident involving an Uber, victims should take steps to help them recover medically and financially. This can involve receiving medical treatment for severe injuries, collecting evidence to prove the at-fault party’s liability, and securing legal counsel that can help with the process of a civil claim.

The following are some steps to take after suffering an Uber accident:

  • Exchange contact information with the Uber driver, anyone else involved, and eyewitnesses
  • Take photos and videos of relevant evidence at the scene
  • File a police report for an accident that caused significant injuries
  • Head to the hospital after the accident to receive treatment for severe injuries
  • Notify Uber that the auto accident occurred
  • Write down every crucial detail you can remember from the accident
  • Collect all receipts and documentation that can establish the cost of your damages
  • Hire a rideshare accident attorney

What Damages Can You Pursue Through an Uber Accident Claim?

Uber accident victims can file a civil claim with the at-fault party to seek payment for losses caused by the accident. These are losses that can affect someone’s finances and everyday life. Parties who cause an accident through negligence can be held liable for financial and psychological losses suffered by the victim.

Those who suffer injuries from these accidents can pursue compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are those that have to do with a specific bill or financial loss. Non-economic damages are those that affect someone’s mental well-being and way of life but do not have a specific value attached to them.

The following are some damages Uber accident victims can pursue compensation for:

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help With Your Uber Accident Claim?

If you suffered severe injuries from an Uber accident, hiring an auto accident attorney is a crucial step in pursuing compensation for financial and psychological losses. They can use their knowledge in car accident laws, how Uber handles car collision cases, and experience negotiating settlements with insurance providers to assist with your claim.

An experienced rideshare attorney can apply their experience to your case to put you in a position to recover compensatory damages. They can help negotiate a settlement with an insurance provider denying, delaying, or devaluing your claim. Your best chance in an Uber accident claim is with the help of a lawyer experienced in handling claims involving rideshares.

Contact The Russo Firm Today for Assistance With Your Uber Accident Claim

The Russo Firm’s Uber accident lawyers can use their recent experience handling rideshare accident claims to help you recover auto accident damages. We understand how car accident injuries can affect your physical health, ability to work, and quality of life. They wish to use their expertise to help you pursue financial restitution for the accident from an Uber.

Our rideshare accident lawyers can help you assess the cost of your damages, who can be held liable for your Uber accident claim, and what strategy can maximize your chances of recovering full compensation for your damages. Contact The Russo Firm’s Uber accident attorneys today at (561) 270-0913 for a free case evaluation or fill out the message form on our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Uber Accidents

Can You Sue Uber After Suffering an Accident Because of One of Their Drivers?

Many victims may wonder whether Uber can share responsibility for accidents caused by one of their motorists. For example, they may feel Uber should share responsibility should they allow someone with a reckless driving record to use their application.

However, it’s much more complicated than it may seem. Drivers for Uber are independent contractors, meaning they work without the employee designation.

Uber is not responsible for reckless driving from their drivers that caused an accident. That liability falls onto the driver, not the company. In most cases, Uber will not share liability for a car accident caused by one of their drivers.

What is the Statute of Limitations for an Uber Accident Claim?

The statute of limitations for a personal injury accident is how long a victim has to file a civil claim for financial restitution. An Uber accident is a car accident, so it will have the same statute of limitations as car accidents in your state.

Every state has its own laws regarding statute of limitations. Victims should consult their state’s laws for how long car accident victims have to file a claim to pursue compensation for damages. Most states have a car accident claim statute of limitations of two years.

Can You File a Civil Claim for an Uber Sexual Assault?

Uber car collisions are not the only issue that Uber passengers face when using the rideshare service for a ride. Many female Uber passengers have alleged that drivers committed sexual assault, which can include verbal harassment, inappropriate physical contact, and rape.

Hundreds of women have filed sexual assault cases against Uber for failing to create safety standards to protect passengers from experiencing sexual assault. The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation agreed to combine about 80 of these cases into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) before Judge Charles Breyer in the Northern District of California.

If you suffered a sexual assault during an Uber ride, you could also file a lawsuit to join the Uber sexual assault MDL. The lawyers at The Russo Firm can represent you in your Uber sexual assault claim and help you join the mass tort to assist in your recovery of damages caused by the traumatic incident.


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