The Catastrophic Impact of Multi-Vehicle Collisions in Texas

  • Multi-vehicle car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries that result in extensive damages
  • Common causes of these types of accidents include speeding, distracted driving, and tailgating
  • Injuries from multi-vehicle collisions in Texas often include head and back injuries and injuries to the extremities
  • If you’ve been injured in a multi-vehicle collision, it’s time to hold the at-fault party accountable, with help from The Russo Firm

Texas drivers can experience multi-vehicle accidents that cause them to receive physical trauma from a collision with multiple vehicles. Multi-vehicle accidents commonly occur on congested streets when one car accident can have a domino effect, bringing numerous cars into a collision.

A Texas multi-vehicle accident can lead to a victim suffering blunt-force trauma and crushing impact from a pileup accident that crushes their car. Some severe car accident injuries caused by a multi-vehicle accident include spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and internal injuries.

Victims of Texas multi-vehicle collisions can file a car accident claim with multiple liable parties that caused the catastrophic accident. A Texas car accident attorney can help you file paperwork, collect evidence, and negotiate a fair settlement for your car accident damages.

The Dangers of Multi-Vehicle Collisions in Texas

Not all Texas car accidents involve only one or two vehicles. Sometimes, a catastrophic accident can bring multiple other cars into the collision, leading to a multi-vehicle crash. This dangerous type of car accident can expose victims to severe blunt-force trauma.

Texas multi-vehicle accident victims can repeatedly receive a blow from multiple vehicles, leading to them suffering direct physical trauma and whiplash. They can also suffer a crushing impact, as cars can pile on each other and destroy each car’s structure.

Victims of Texas multi-vehicle accidents can become exposed to severe car accident injury risk, as a destroyed car will not be able to protect from the blunt-force trauma of the accident. This can lead to life-altering injuries that cause long-term pain and suffering.

What Can Cause a Multi-Vehicle Collision in Texas?

A common type of car accident that can lead to a multi-vehicle collision is a rear-end accident. This is when one driver strikes the back of another driver’s vehicle. The force generated by a high-speed collision to the back of one car can have a domino effect.

The vehicle that was struck from behind can move aggressively forward because of the impact of a rear-end accident. This can lead them to rear-end the vehicle in front of them, with that car doing the same. A string of rear-end accidents can cause a multi-vehicle pileup.

For this reason, tailgating can also cause a multi-vehicle accident, as tailgating can result in rear-end accidents. A truck rollover can also lead to a multi-vehicle accident. A large semi-truck that rolls over a highway can impact many other vehicles, leading to victims experiencing blunt-force trauma.

Severe Car Accident Injuries Caused by a Multi-Vehicle Collision

Victims of Texas multi-vehicle collisions can suffer severe car accident injuries. They can suffer physical damage from blunt-force trauma, penetrating trauma, impact with a hard object inside or outside of the car, or violent shaking from whiplash.

These severe injuries can affect a car accident victim long-term, as they can cause impactful symptoms like intense physical pain, reduced functionality of a body part, swelling, bruising, and reduced mobility. Victims of multi-vehicle accidents can experience pain and suffering that affects them for months, leading to them suffering negative effects on their quality of life.

The following are some severe car accident injuries caused by a multi-vehicle collision in Texas:

After suffering an injury from a multi-vehicle collision, a victim should go to the hospital. A healthcare professional can diagnose their injuries and determine the best medical treatment plan to heal their severe injuries.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Texas Multi-Vehicle Collision?

In most cases, the driver whose negligence caused the Texas multi-vehicle accident will be held liable for damages. In a situation where they rear-end another driver and cause a chain reaction, it’s their fault that the multi-vehicle accident occurred.

However, there could be multiple at-fault parties. Someone could be held liable in a car accident claim if their reckless driving caused the accident. Multiple drivers may have engaged in reckless driving, like speeding, distracted driving, and drunk driving.

Any driver whose recklessness resulted in the multi-vehicle accident can be held liable for damages. The at-fault party’s insurance company will have to pay a settlement to victims based on the percentage of fault their client shares.

Why Should You Hire a Texas Car Accident Lawyer for a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Following a car accident involving multiple vehicles, the victim should file a Texas car accident claim with whatever parties contributed to the accident. They can file a Texas car accident claim to pursue compensation for car accident damages. Some damages they could pursue compensation for include medical bills, property damage, and loss of consortium.

Handling a multi-car collision claim alone is complex, as there are multiple possible at-fault parties the victim will have to sort through. Hiring a car accident lawyer with Texas legal experience can help, as they can sort through liability and determine your best path for pursuing compensation for damages.

The following are some ways a Texas car accident attorney can help with your multi-vehicle collision claim:

  • Assess the value of your claim
  • Determine which parties can share liability for the multi-vehicle collision
  • Explain Texas motor vehicle accident laws
  • File paperwork to begin the Texas multi-vehicle collision claim
  • Collect evidence to prove the at-fault party’s liability
  • Contact to eyewitnesses and expert witnesses
  • Negotiate a settlement with the liable party’s insurance company
  • Represent you in court

Contact The Russo Firm for Help With Your Texas Multi-Vehicle Accident Claim

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